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Construction Results

Since starting construction of its first condominium in 1968, Haseko has endeavored to “create condominiums in which customers can live as comfortable as possible” through a repeated cycle of listening to the opinions of customers and adding to our experience. To do so, the Company set up a business framework that allowed the Haseko Group to capitalize on customers’ opinions and feed them back to respective departments, and accumulated experience in constructing condominiums based on this framework for many years. Eventually, the cumulative total of condominium units Haseko constructed reached 600,000 in 2017. Going forward, we will stay committed to creating condominiums that satisfy customers, while continuing to listen to their opinions.

History of condominium units supplied

History of For-sale Condominiums in Japan and Haseko

Japan’s first for-sale condominium was built in 1956, followed by the first condominium boom from 1963 through 1964. At that time, there were only high-grade condominiums located in central Tokyo. Popularized among general consumers after a long while, the second condominium boom in 1968 through 1969 expanded the market.

It was 1968 when Haseko started construction of its first condominium. The Company contributed to enable mass production and standardization of for- sale condominiums amid the second condominium boom at that time. After mass production era of standardized condominiums came the thinking of “diversification,” and Haseko successfully realized “reasonably priced,” “high-quality” and “diversified” condominiums, taking advantage of the know-how it acquired in the era of standardization and mass production as well as reflecting the voices of residents.

In this way, Haseko has been leading the Japanese condominium industry to date, not only in terms of diversification and progress but also permanent residences, with its technologies and product planning ability that go ahead of the times. At the same time, Haseko will continue to take its mission as the leading condominium manufacturer by always tackling new themes and assignments.