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"Kita-ku Oji 5-chome Project": Development of a large-scale residential/commercial/educational/childcare complex

"Kita-ku Oji 5-chome Project" is a next-generation urban development project where Haseko Group's wisdom and technologies have been concentrated on a vast piece of land of approx. 43,000 square meters which used to be a factory/warehouse site of a major paper manufacturing company.

What makes it highly distinctive is that we aimed to develop a large-scale residential/commercial/educational/childcare complex that consists of not only a for-sale condominium but also a rental condominium, housing for the elderly, nursery, care facility for schoolchildren, commercial facilities, etc.

To address the aging population with declining birth rate, which has become a social problem, as well as the lack of communication among local residents and other such issues, we aggressively introduced points of contact to bring together multiple generations. Multiple facilities were built adjacent to each other inside a single complex, namely: "BRANSIESTA Oji," a rental condominium; "Century City Oji," a paid nursing care home for the elderly open to the local community; and "WISDOM ACADEMY Oji School," a private care facility for schoolchildren. On top of this, we have built gardens in for-sale condominium "The Gardens Tokyo Oji": "Season Garden", a private garden exclusively for its residents; and "Plaza Garden," which utilizes an open space and is made available for use also for members of the local community. We also host events and hold culture classes, etc. to spur interaction not only among families living in for-sale and rental condominiums but also with members of the local community across multiple generations. We also give consideration to protect the rich natural environment in the region, including preserving the row of Japanese cherry blossom trees selected as one of the 100 Selections of Beautiful Landscape by the Kita Ward, Tokyo and developing a walking trail on the premises.


Community events

"Machibiraki Festival" held as a new place to meet others in a new town

In April 2018, when residents started moving into the newly-born town at Oji 5-chome, we held the "Machibiraki Festival" to introduce the new town to them and offer them a place for members of the local community and residents to meet each other. On the day of the event, approx. 2,000 people participated in the Festival; the specially-built stage featured a performance by a brass band club from a local junior high school, a talk session, and a participation-oriented event. Many workshops were held in the communal areas of "BRANSIESTA Oji" and "Century City Oji" as well as "WISDOM ACADEMY Oji School," where a wide range of participants from children to adults seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Going forward, the Haseko Group will continue supporting the development of highly livable towns with residents.

Opening event of The Gardens Tokyo Oji

On October 27, 2018, an opening event was held at The Gardens Tokyo Oji. The event included street performances, a Halloween photo session, a community festival street stall section, and a cooking class, which proved to be extremely popular and brought enjoyment to the residents as well.

Walking event "Oji Arukimedesu"

In "Oji 5-chome Project," we have been putting a great deal of effort into the revitalization of local communities as well, taking advantage of the fact that it involved the development of a large-scale complex. We held a walking event titled "Oji Arukimedesu" for residents to deepen their understanding of the region in November 2018. By encouraging residents who live in the same condominium to interact with each other and their neighbors, we will develop a highly livable environment, and in turn, help increase the condominium's asset value.