Design quality and product planning ability that leverage the comprehensive strengths of the Haseko Group

The design section seeks to provide condominiums that are more comfortable than any other by securing quality and performance required for housing while at the same time achieving good design.
Moreover, the section works to enhance its design quality and product planning ability by frequently exchanging information, including requests on housing by purchasers and residents obtained from the sales section and condominium management section as well as comments on design by the construction section, with respective departments among Haseko Group companies.

LIPS (Living・Image・Presentation・Space)

"LIPS" is a presentation room that enables project owners to select products and materials promptly and securely by "seeing" and "touching" actual offerings as samples. The room regularly exhibits products of approximately 70 manufacturers including exterior finishing materials, builders' hardware, steel fittings, interior finishing materials and housing equipment. The Company effectively utilize LIPS as the base for making specific proposals on planning, design and specifications as well as demonstrating new technologies and new products, etc.

Landscape design to provide a living environment full of greenery and in consideration of biodiversity

In landscaping for apartments, it is an important task to create an environment full of greenery. In recent years, meanwhile, social issues such as "environmental friendliness" and "biodiversity consideration" are increasingly sought in landscaping.
At Haseko, the design section has factored biodiversity considerations into its design and successfully obtained various certifications.

Certification by the Association for Business Innovation in harmony with Nature and Community (ABINC)

The ABINC certification system is a certification program of the Association for Business Innovation in harmony with Nature and Community. With an aim to promote symbiosis between nature and humans through corporate activities, the program recognizes and certifies corporate endeavors for greenery creation in, and management and use of, company facilities (plants, office buildings, retail facilities and apartments) with considerations given to biodiversity. Haseko has obtained the certification for 14 projects in total as of the end of fiscal 2018.

Japan Habitat Evaluation & Certification Program (JHEP)

The JHEP certification system, which is a certification program of the Ecosystem Conservation Society - Japan, performs quantitative evaluations of endeavors in business operations to increase biodiversity. Specifically, the program calculates the value of such endeavors by multiplying the "quality" (how green the community is and how easily animals can live) of biodiversity with the "size" (the area supporting biodiversity) and "time" (environment before and after the business operations), and grants certifications.
Haseko obtained certification for part of a site of a project in fiscal 2015, and for the entire site of a project in fiscal 2016, respectively.

Haseko-version BIM

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an advanced design technique to construct a three-dimensional building model on the computer screen. The model includes not only the shape and space composition of a building but also the attribute data such as the quantity, quality and specifications of construction materials, and makes it possible to check them stereoscopically. Haseko utilizes the Haseko-version BIM as a three-dimensional design technique specialized for condominiums. It can be applied widely in the condominium business for not only design but also construction, sales, management, repairs and remodeling.