Construction-related Business

Fujikensetsu Co., Ltd.

Since its founding in 1946, Fujikensetsu is a general construction company that handles a wide range of not only condominiums and residences, but also non-residential construction including office buildings, hotels, commercial facilities, production facilities, cultural facilities, and more.

Hasec Inc.

As a building materials trading company that mainly deals in construction materials and equipment for condominiums, Hasec fully uses our information and communication skills with manufacturers to offer the latest products and respond to all of our customers' needs.

Haseko Furnishing Co., Ltd.

As a total infill manufacturer (comprehensive interior design, fittings, furniture, kitchen, and bathroom vanity production), Haseko Furnishing handles everything from planning, design, production, construction, and management related to interior (infill). Haseko Furnishing works on a wide variety of buildings, mainly condominiums, hotels, and nursing care facilities.

Based on manufacturing technology cultivated over many years, as a subsidiary of Haseko Furnishing, Haseko Furnitec is responsible for the production of multidwelling fittings, finishing fixture materials, and custom-made furniture.

Haseko Navie Corporation

As a support company for the Haseko Group, Haseko Navie provides equipment leasing, human resources consulting, and security to construction sites mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Our security services are also used at events and are well received.

Haseko-tecno Corporation

Haseko-tecno’s main business is comprehensive rental and leasing of construction materials and equipment, as well as human resource support related to construction site operations.

Hosoda Corporation

Since its founding in 1947, with the high commitment of the customer first and the theme of “Homes that comfortably envelop people's lifestyles'', Hosoda has operated the wooden detached house business, including for-sale and custom orders and the renovation business. Since 2020 Hosoda has realized synergies as a member of the Haseko Group and will respond to the diversifying needs of our customers.

Haseko Sekkei Co., Ltd.

Based on the technology and know-how that the Haseko Group has cultivated over many years, Haseko Sekkei is a company that handles multifaceted design work using BIM, a new design method.

Real Estate-related Business

Real estate for-sale business / Solutions

Haseko Real Estate Development Holdings Inc.

Haseko Real Estate Development Holdings is an umbrella company aiming to consolidate the common functions of the Haseko Group's real estate sales business, develop a business promotion system, strengthen governance, etc., and improve profitability.

Haseko Real Estate Development is a comprehensive real estate developer responsible for developing new business areas for Haseko, including the development of the “BRANCHERA” series of condominiums in regional core cities, compact condominiums in urban areas, concept rental apartments, and student condominiums.

Operating the “Renai Series” condominiums mainly in metropolitan areas. Sohgo Real Estate demonstrates its unique product planning capabilities with consideration for the environment, health, and safety. Sohgo Real Estate is involved in a wide range of development projects, including detached houses and residential land development, rental apartments, hotels, and tenant buildings.

Haseko Home, Co., Ltd.

Haseko Home is a company that the Haseko Group, which has thoroughly considered housing, has expanded its detached house nationwide by leveraging its comprehensive strengths. Utilizing Hosoda's know-how in building detached houses, Haseko Home will provide a safe, secure, and comfortable living environment.

Asset Management

Haseko Real Estate Investment Management, Inc.

Haseko Real Estate Investment Management is an asset management company that provides a wide range of real estate-related services and solutions, including real estate development, buying and selling, asset management, and building management, to domestic and overseas investors.

Service-related Business

Consignment Sale of Newly Built Condominium

Haseko Urbest Inc.

Haseko Urbest is a top-class condominium consignment sales company. As a comprehensive real estate services company, Haseko Urbest handles everything from product planning proposals for new condominiums utilized customer feedback to sales, contracts, and delivery.

Interior Business

Haseko Intech Inc.

Haseko Intech is responsible for proposing interior option products for newly built condominiums and coordinating model rooms. As an interior design professional, Haseko Intech will help customers realize the lifestyle that suits them.

Condominium Management

Haseko Property Management Holdings Inc.

Haseko Management Holdings manages a total of approximately 420,000 units through its four subsidiary management companies. Haseko Management Holdings strives to improve the asset value of the precious condominiums by supporting management association operations with the technical capabilities unique to a general construction management company, the problem-solving ability cultivated through many years of experience, and the ability to make proposals for building a rich community.

Extensive refurbishment and Interior Improvement

Haseko Reform Inc.

Haseko Reform utilizes the collective strengths of the Haseko Group, which is well-versed in condominiums, by proposing and constructing large-scale renovations, interior and exterior renovations, etc., so that customers can live in their condominiums for a long time. Haseko Reform helps our customers maintain and improve their safe, secure, comfortable lifestyle and asset value.

Real Estate Brokerage

Haseko Real Estate, Inc.

As a "comprehensive real estate brokerage company" that handles all kinds of real estate, including residential, business, and investment real estate, Haseko Real Estate offers a variety of services unique to the Haseko Group.

Rental Apartment Management and Brokerage

Haseko Livenet, Inc.

In the rental apartment management business, Haseko Livenet exercises “leasing capabilities”, “market analysis capabilities”, and “planning and proposal capabilities”, and boasts an industry-leading track record in property management for investment rental condominiums. Haseko Livenet also focuses on the real estate solutions business and provides a one-stop solution to owners' needs.

Joint Property Co., Ltd.

As experts in the operation and management of condominium/apartment management, Joint Property has prepared a variety of support menus that prioritize improving the benefits of owners. Joint Property exercises high leasing power through our unique network of group companies and numerous cooperating intermediary companies.

Company Housing Management Agency Business

Haseko Business Proxy, Inc.

As an outsourcer of management business for company housing and dormitories, Haseko Business Proxy handles complicated tasks on companies' behalf, minimizing the burden on companies and pursuing customer satisfaction. Haseko Business Proxy responds to all corporate real estate needs, including rental and sales brokerage, CRE solutions, and corporate housing consulting.

Senior Business

Haseko Senior Well Design Co., Ltd.

Haseko Senior Well Design plans and operates condominium-type houses for elderly people who can move into when they are still well, as well as houses for people who require nursing care. With over 30 years of operating experience and approximately 45 properties nationwide, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Haseko Senior Well Design offers safe homes and lifestyles for the super-aging society.

Furusato operates day services specializing in people with dementia, in Yokohama and Kawasaki.

Office Services

Haseko Systems Inc.

Haseko Systems covers a wide range of operations necessary for corporate activities, including sales promotion planning, 3D VR content production, printing operations, PC/multifunction device rental, and document storage services. As a special-purpose subsidiary of Haseko Corporation, Haseko Systems aims to "contribute to society while able-bodied people and disabled people work together."

Insurance Agency

Haseko Systems Inc.

As an agent for major insurance companies, Haseko Systems provides optimal insurance plans for individuals, corporations, and management associations. In particular, Haseko Systems has extensive experience handling various types of insurance for residents and management associations to help them live a safe and secure condominium life, as well as insurance for corporations related to the execution of construction work.

Staffing/Introduction Services

Haseko Job Create Co., Ltd.

Haseko Job Create has a rich track record of introducing and dispatching qualified personnel by utilizing our wide network in the construction and real estate fields. Haseko Job Create also has a comprehensive follow-up system for temporary staff to ensure peace of mind.


Kasikosh Co., Ltd.

Kasikosh operates a service to purchase unwanted items and a general recycling store in response to the concerns of condominium residents about "how to organize and store their ever-increasing items". Through its reuse business, Kasikosh contributes to efforts to create a recycling society.

Rice Production and Sales

Haseko Anshindeli Inc.

Haseko Anshindeli cultivates “Tanakami rice”, a Koshihikari rice grown in Tanakami, in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. In order to ensure that you can eat safe and delicious rice, Haseko Anshindeli handles the entire process ourselves, starting from soil preparation to product development, management, storage, and shipping.

Advertising Agency

Succeed Inc.

In all aspects related to marketing and communication strategies, Succeed works with its clients to solve problems, finds out the key to business success, formulates everything from product planning to sales and advertising strategies, and provides "Creating a system for selling".

Creation and Verifying New Business Model

Haseko Anesis Corporation

Haseko Anesis supervises some service-related companies as an intermediate holding company, working to strengthen our financial base and improve management efficiency, and work to develop new business formats as an incubator for the Haseko Group. Centered on the "Value Technology and Innovation Division" transferred from Haseko Corporation in April 2020, Haseko Anesis will promote the use of advanced technology and the construction of DX infrastructure, create and demonstrate new business models, and aim to secure the competitiveness of existing services and improve productivity.

Overseas-related Business

Haseko America, Inc.

Since 1973, Haseko Group has been developing mid-to-high-rise buildings mainly in the state of Hawaii in the United States. Haseko America is one of the largest residential developers in Hawaii, with 10 condominiums and hotels (3,018 units) and 2 office buildings in Hawaii. Haseko America is currently developing single-family homes and a resort in the Ewa area of Oahu.

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Other Business

Survey Research

Haseko Research Institute Inc.

In addition to observing trends in the condominium market and sending information, Haseko Research Institute proposes the ideal state of the industry through research activities and analytical considerations, mainly in the software area surrounding housing and the living environment.

Digital Marketing

Develop Japan Co., Ltd.

Develop Japan is a marketing company that provides advertising and promotion services linked to the web and real media.


Asuka Village Revitalization Project

Haseko Village Life Inc.

Haseko Village Life is developing lodging businesses and regional revitalization businesses for regional revitalization in Asuka Village, Nara Prefecture, and other areas.