Corporate Governance

Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

Haseko Corporation has made it a basic policy of its corporate management to contribute to society and win society's confidence through its business operations that put customers first. The Company has also positioned reinforcement of corporate governance as one of its utmost management priorities as it recognizes that it is indispensable to secure management transparency and objectivity for maximizing corporate value in a stable manner over the long term and ensuring shareholders' interests.

Basic Explanation of company institutions

The Board of Directors of Haseko Corporation serves as the institution where directors with expert knowledge and experience in various business sectors conduct decision-making on managerial issues and supervise execution of duties of other directors. As for monitoring of management operations, the Company's system provides the Board of Auditors, the majority of which are outside auditors, with the monitoring function from an objective and neutral standpoint from outside through implementation of audits. On top of these functions, starting in June 2016, Haseko appointed outside directors with abundant experience and track record to occupy at least one third of the Board of Directors, so that they shall provide appropriate opinions and advice in order to further activate discussions at the Board of Directors as well as enhance the function to monitor business management. Going forward, we will continue to look for a system that is optimum for the Company, taking into consideration the balance between the operation of the Board of Directors and the monitoring functions.

Diagram of company institutions and internal governance

Diagram of company institutions and internal governance