[Core Business] Condominium Business

Since starting construction of its first condominium in 1968, Haseko has built a cumulative total of around 630,000 condominium units as of the end of 2018. The figure corresponds to approximately 10% of the total for-sale condominium units in Japan.

In contrast with other constructing companies, Haseko Corporation and its group of companies have leveraged their capabilities in all condominium business fields -from gathering land information to planning based on the information and proposal to project owners, design, construction, sale, property management and refurbishment. Haseko group adopts "one and only corporate group for housing (condominium)" as its slogan.

It is one of advantages that Haseko consistently accepts orders totally from designing to construction, so that it can supply high-quality condominiums at fair prices.

Through Haseko group companies such as the sales company and the property-management company, Haseko feeds back the voices of its customers to its architect & product development as well as to the design sections and condominium construction sites in order to reflect them in producing high-quality condominiums.

Flow of condominium construction

[Business Unity] Haseko Business Group

The Haseko Business Group consists of Haseko Corporation, in the center, and "Service Related Business Group", "Construction Related Business Group" and others,which undertakes all activities in businesses related to condominiums.Each group makes full effort to fulfill individual customer's need.

Group Companies