Construction sites of Haseko

Haseko has continued to construct condominiums, with the cumulative completed units surpassing 640,000. At the construction sites of Haseko, high construction quality is secured through strong partnerships with the "cooperating companies" that have full knowledge of Haseko condominiums.

Aim to enhance construction quality through activities that integrate the endeavors of the "four bodies"

Conduct "Haseko Value Enhancement Activities" to provide customers with product quality and satisfaction
Integrate endeavors of the "four bodies" (the construction divisions, design divisions and technological promotion divisions of Haseko Corporation and "Ken-ei-kai," an organization of cooperating companies) to ensure smooth communications among them, in order to secure high quality and eventually improve customer satisfaction.

Successfully secure quality while enhancing work efficiency

Is performing construction, Haseko proactively employs an industrialized construction method in which construction materials are produced at plants to reduce labor at the construction site, for the purpose of enhancing work efficiency and stabilizing quality.

Pre-cast stairs
Pre-cast internal slab

Haseko Premium After-sales Services

The Haseko Premium After-sales Services represents the high value-added after-sales services, Haseko Corporation provides for the condominiums it has constructed after completion.
The services have the following four characteristics.

  1. (1)As the constructor, Haseko Corporation directly responds to a variety of consultations on the building from the condominium residents.
  2. (2)At the Haseko Premium After-Sales Services Call Center, which serves as the contact for inquiries, qualified staff in specialized areas including registered architects with a first-class license answer calls to respond to inquiries or requests.
  3. (3)After-sales services have a long guarantee period of up to 15 years, providing condominium residents with a sense of assurance for a long time.
  4. (4)Haseko distributes the basic tool kits and guidance booklets on repair methods, which should be helpful for the residents to conduct maintenance of the exclusive areas by themselves, to all units of the condominiums.