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Editorial Policy

This website is created to communicate the Haseko Group’s CSR activities to stakeholders in an easy-to-understand manner.

We are committed to comprehensively posting information regarding our Group’s CSR activities, including policies, systems, contents of the activities, and numerical data, as well as enriching the disclosed information.

Target period
  • The page mainly provides details of activities conducted during the fiscal 2022 (from April 2022 to March 2023), although some information regarding those during the period other than said fiscal year is included.
Target organizations
  • The page covers activities conducted by Haseko Corporation and its 85 subsidiaries and 6 affiliate companies.
Referenced guidelines
  • ・GRI “Sustainability Reporting Standards” Note: The table of comparisons with these guidelines is disclosed on the website. (Japanese only)
    ・Ministry of the Environment “Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2018”
    ・Ministry of the Environment “Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005”
    ・Japan Federation of Construction Contractors “Environmental Accounting Guidelines for Construction Industry 2002”