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We will introduce the major businesses and services provided by Haseko Group companies, with the condominium business as its mainstay business, by respective domains. Haseko leverages the collective capabilities of the Group in striving to meet the diverse needs of its customers by providing safe, reliable and comfortable housing and urban environments.

01Construction-related business

We construct high-quality buildings by applying our abundant experience and technical capabilities as the leading condominium contractor and our integrated design and construction system to provide safe, reliable and comfortable housing.

02Real estate sales and solutions

We conduct a wide variety of real estate solutions ranging from sales of condominiums and detached housing and development of profit-generating properties to consultation for effective use of land.

03Consignment sales
of newly built
condominiums and
Real estate brokerage

We leverage our meticulous marketing capabilities in consignment sales of newly built for-sale condominiums. We are also engaged in the brokerage and renovation businesses that revitalize the distribution of existing residences.

04Condominium management (for-sale condominiums and rental condominiums)

We capitalize on the technological prowess of a management company belonging to a general contractor group in providing consigned condominium management and outsourced management of rental condominiums and corporate housing, thereby supporting the comfortable lives of residents.

05Large-scale repair, Interior remodeling and Condominium rehabilitation

We help maintain, improve and revitalize your valuable assets by providing services ranging from large-scale repair and interior remodeling of condominiums and other buildings, to energy-saving measures, and seismic retrofitting and building replacement.

06Senior living business

We implement its business operations for housing for the elderly such as paid care facilities for the elderly, as well as day-care services. In doing so, we provide meticulous housing and services for each individual, from residents who are independent to those who require nursing care.

07Overseas business

We have been developing residential, commercial, and resort properties in the United States (Hawaii). Moreover, we have entered the housing construction business in Vietnam, aiming to foray into the Asian markets and supply Japanese quality to Asian markets.

service-related businesses

We provide a wide variety of services such as insurance agency, printing, OA equipment rental, human resource placement, and web marketing in support of corporate activities.

09Investigation research

We observe and analyze the real estate market with a particular emphasis on condominiums, and conduct a variety of surveys and research activities related to residential life, the living environment, and cities.

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