Haseko Technical Research Institute

Haseko Technical Research institute is attempting a variety of performance tests and research and development on apartments in order to respond to the new needs of customers and the society, such as extending the life of buildings, improving seismic performance and environmental issues including reduction of CO2 emission.

Laboratory No. 1

Conducts research and development on technologies related to aseismic design, construction of high-quality buildings and enhanced safety of existing buildings, etc.

Laboratory No. 2

Conducts research and development on such construction materials as concrete materials and finishing materials for newly-built and existing buildings, in order to secure durability of buildings and their usability over a long period of time.

Laboratory No. 3

Conducts research and development on technologies to enhance housing performance regarding sound and wind environments in and outside rooms and on technologies to utilize natural light, in order to create a comfortable living space.

Laboratory No. 4

Conducts research and development on renewable energy like solar and geothermal power generation, energy-saving technologies including airflow and natural ventilation, and water supply and drainage and ventilation facilities that are indispensable for daily life, especially for maintenance and renovation technologies.

Laboratory No. 5

Conducts technical development, product development and preparation of technical standards to enhance quality, productivity and marketability, primarily for interior and exterior fittings of newly-built and existing buildings.

Haseko Technical Center

Haseko Technical Center was built in Tama-shi, Tokyo in March 2018 as part of the projects commemorating the 80th anniversary since inception of the Haseko Group. It was established by transferring and integrating Haseko Technical Research Institute, which was engaged in research and technological development, Haseko Group Technical Training Center, a training facility for developing condominium management staff, and Haseko Community Owl 24 Center, a monitoring center for securing safety of managed condominiums. Moreover, "Haseko Condominium Museum" was additionally established to exhibit the history, evolution in construction technologies and future prospects of condominiums.