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Message from the Management

Haseko Corporation President and Representative Director Noriaki Tsuji

We will continue challenging
by demonstrating collective capabilities
of the Haseko Group to support housing
and daily life for the future.

Noriaki Tsuji President and Representative Director
Haseko Corporation

Integrating the strengths of the entire Haseko Group to drive businesses forward for great progress toward the future

Our medium-term business plan “newborn HASEKO Jump Up Plan” (Plan NBj) launched in April 2017, designed to build the Group’s foundation toward the new era from 2020 onwards, is now in its final year. We feel that now is the time when various changes are taking place in preparation of the passing of an era. Upon proceeding with Plan NBj, we focused our attention on various social issues. With respect to such social issues as the aging society with fewer children, decreasing population, trends for “compact cities,” disaster countermeasures, countermeasures for aging buildings, promotion of environmental consideration/energy saving and community formation, the Haseko Group intends to realize housing to create great living, both in terms of physical products and services and know-how, by combining various fields such as rental housing, housing for the elderly, commerce, nursing care, parental care, healthcare, medical care and education, with a focus on for-sale condominiums.

While our business has been brisk on the back of heightened construction demand over the past few years, this situation will not last forever. In order to continue growing without being susceptible to market fluctuations, it is important that we steadily pursue growth of not only the "flow" businesses that involve the construction of new condominiums, but also the "stock" businesses such as the management, repair and renovation of condominiums in stock. "Stock" businesses also comprise a field that is indispensable for residents to continue living in a condominium for a long period of time, safely and securely. Also, in the context of maintaining this social infrastructure called housing, I believe greater efforts need to be made in this area.

Establishment of organizational framework and policy for CSR solidified foundations for CSR activities

Basic policies set forth in Plan NBj include “Challenge new endeavors from a medium- to long-term perspective” and “Establish highly effective governance and internal control.” As one of the specific initiatives, in April 2017, we established the CSR Division to set up the organizational framework for Group-wide CSR activities. In March 2018, we internally and publicly announced our CSR vision and CSR policy, which serve as guidelines for activities of the Group’s employees, and renewed our commitment to perpetuating the Haseko Group together with the environment and society.

Formulation of the CSR vision and CSR policy involved a series of discussions in a working group consisting of employees of the Group companies. They proactively thought out and put together a vision that is unique to the Haseko Group, and I believe this process meaningful in itself.

The scope of the discussions included efforts to grasp the relationship between the Haseko Group and society from a broad perspective. In this respect, we clarified our businesses’ relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDG’s Goal 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” is in exact alignment with Haseko Group’s corporate philosophy “To contribute to society by creating an optimal environment for cities and people.” I believe the alignment help us resolve issues in various ways. Goal 3 “Good Health and Well-being,” Goal 7 “Affordable and Clean Energy,” Goal 9 “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” are also deemed to be closely related to housing development.

We have defined the following four themes as our main CSR themes to resolve such issues: “Creating attractive living spaces,” “Building a company worth working at,” “Protecting the precious environment,” and “Nurturing a culture of trust.” Going forward, we will formulate a plan for implementing these themes and engage in activities in concrete terms.

Building a stronger relationship of trust with diverse stakeholders

As people take it for granted that condominiums are perfect, we have the social responsibility and a sense of mission to provide the highest quality and best service. We acknowledge that neither can be realized without engagement with stakeholders.

In order to bring out the best of advanced technology that underpins quality, it is absolutely imperative to have a relationship of trust with business partners and construction workers. The Haseko Group, which executes all processes from designing to construction by a defined method, has been able to maintain its technology at an advanced level by keeping long-term relationships with business partners that know about our method well. The fact that the Group also engages in condominium management business gives it the edge in being able to reflect feedback and requests received directly from customers in the next job.

Furthermore, we are promoting various design and construction initiatives to develop environmentally friendly houses. Going forward, we intend to aggressively work on “zero energy” condominiums that have zero energy balance.

While workstyle reform is gathering momentum in the industry as a whole, I believe it is absolutely necessary to improve productivity to actually make it happen. We will collaborate with our business partners to close construction sites on Saturdays and Sundays (i.e., eight non-working days in four weeks), and promote such initiatives as introducing energy-saving construction methods that involve on-site assembly of factory-prefabricated modules. In addition, we will make Building Information Modeling (BIM), which enables the combining of computerized 3D models, applicable to both design and construction of all ordinary properties.

Providing better housing also calls for female employees fully demonstrating their capabilities. We promote the recruitment and effective appointment of women with an engineering background at the Group level and form a project team consisting of female employees, among other initiatives. As such, we encourage female employees to play an active role in all aspects of condominium development.

Aspiring to become a Group in which each and every person continues to think, act and take on challenges

I frequently tell employees of Group companies: “Let’s become a great small- and medium-sized enterprise, rather than a large company.” I believe that we will be able to pave the way for Haseko Corporation’s 100th anniversary if each and every employee continues to take on new challenges without becoming complacent, while taking pride as a member of a leading company focused on condominiums.

Being capable of providing housing-related support to the lives of customers in all aspects even in times of great change is what Haseko Group aims to achieve in its pursuit of becoming a “corporate group for housing to create great living.”. Your continued and further support and encouragement would be greatly appreciated.