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Message from the Management

Haseko Corporation President and Representative Director Noriaki Tsuji

We will realize “our vision” for housing
and daily life and continue to prosper
as a sustainable company.

Noriaki Tsuji President and Representative Director
Haseko Corporation

We will contribute to the creation of a richer environment by raising the quality of daily life through housing development

The Haseko Group, which marked the 82nd anniversary of its foundation this year, has over its long years of history built the standard of condominiums, completing the construction of its first company-owned condominium in 1969, and achieving Japan’s No. 1 in the number of construction units of condominiums in 1973. Currently, with a total accumulated track record of constructing over 640,000 housing units, the Haseko Group leads the industry as a top manufacturer accounting for approximately 10% of for-sale condominium stock in Japan.

We have inculcated the Group’s corporate philosophy “To contribute to society by creating an optimal environment for cities and people” across the company and shared it as a core of our business activities. Under this philosophy, we strive to support customers in raising the quality of their daily lives and living by engaging ourselves in their daily lives, leveraging a variety of solutions related to housing. We also strive to contribute to the creation of a rich environment by developing condominiums where residents can live for a long period of time safely and securely as social capital, in order to maintain and provide high quality infrastructure. We believe that these are the Haseko Group’s missions and also the responsibilities as a top manufacturer of condominiums.

The Haseko Group has expanded its support for the entire life cycle of housing, offering services ranging from collection of information on land for condominiums, formulation and proposal of a business plan, design and construction through to condominium sales, sales, management, and renovation, further covering businesses related to distribution brokerage, rebuilding, and housing for the elderly.

Responding to management issues surrounding the construction industry and creating new value for our customers

In recent years, the construction industry is faced with a serious labor shortage and companies are thus facing the need to improve the labor environment and respond to labor saving by focusing on securing and developing human resources, while at the same time strengthening their efforts to improve productivity and work efficiency.

Meanwhile, companies are also required to respond to the diversifying needs of housing on the back of aging society with fewer children and changes in lifestyles.

The Haseko Group is pursuing the improvement of quality and productivity through precasting and standardization/unitization of complicate parts at the construction stage, and promoting the introduction of the Haseko Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the design stage. In regard to BIM, we link it to Living Information Modeling (LIM), which collects living information on condominium residents, in order to develop new products and services attuned to residents’ needs.

Regarding new initiatives, we are expanding our business areas to include the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kitakanto regions, in order to develop a system capable of supplying safe, secure and disaster resistant condominiums to regional cities. Also, Haseko Technical Center established in Tama City, Tokyo is an integrated facility consisting of Haseko Technical Research Institute, Haseko Condominium Museum, Haseko Group Technical Training Center and Haseko Community Owl 24 Center. Haseko Technical Center conducts research and technological development aimed at safe, reliable and comfortable housing from residents’ point of view, as well as training for management staff, and it also serves as a source of information on new technologies, new products, and technology verification targeted broadly at condominium owners, administrative agencies, condominium management associations, and customers.

As for initiatives to strengthen human capital supporting our business, as part of workstyle reform, we are working to develop an environment where employees can work with enthusiasm by focusing on efforts including the promotion of two days off per week at construction sites, active recruitment of female employees, the introduction of the construction career advancement system, and the reduction of construction site risks.
In addition, in October 2018, we established the Value, technology and innovation division, which is responsible for leading business reform toward the future. Currently, the Value, technology and innovation division is engaged in the creation and verification of new business models using digital technologies such as ICT and IoT as well as advanced technologies.

We will take further steps in our four main CSR themes in an aim to resolve social issues through our business

The “newborn HASEKO Jump Up Plan (Plan NBj),” covering the latter three years (from the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018 to the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020) of the six-year medium-term business plan, has finally reached its final year. Under Plan NBj, we established our CSR vision and CSR policy in March 2018 to clearly set out our goal to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. These are the guiding principles indicating the direction for achieving co-existence and co-prosperity with the environment and society and realizing a sustainable society together with our stakeholders. We have set forth the following four themes as our main CSR themes: “Creating attractive living spaces”; “Building a company worth working at”; “Protecting the precious environment”; and “Nurturing a culture of trust,” and also identified related materiality topics and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As for “Creating attractive living spaces,” we engage in businesses that enhance the quality of people’s daily lives, such as child nursing, education, care, and welfare, while working on the creation of living spaces and further improving safe, secure and environmentally considerate living. Concerning “Building a company worth working at,” we focus on the creation of a working environment in which diverse human resources can flourish and grow. For “Protecting the precious environment,” we promote environmental consideration in providing services related to housing and daily life, in an effort to pursue resource saving and efficient energy use. We have tied these initiatives to the 10 items of the 17 SDGs. We believe that the resolution of social issues based on our management strategy will lead to further business opportunities.

With regard to “Nurturing a culture of trust,” we are continuing our efforts to link our initiatives to growth elements, by working to raise the collective capabilities of the Haseko Group, while strengthening our response to compliance and risk management awareness.

In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020, we will take further steps in our four main CSR themes under our new management structure that started in the beginning of this fiscal year, and yield results from such efforts as the fruits of Plan NBj, laying the foundation for the next stage.

We will nurture an organizational/corporate culture for realizing a sustainable company.

In order for the Haseko Group to continue to be needed by society and develop, it must strive to contribute to society through its business activities and realize both corporate value and social value. We intend to share this stance across the entire Group and link the growth of each employee to the growth of the company, aiming to become a company where all employees feel proud to work for.

Currently, we are working on the creation of an organizational culture for realizing a sustainable company. The establishment of the Value, technology and innovation division as mentioned earlier is a part of this initiative and, in order to proactively respond to the changes in the world, we intend to take on new challenges without fear of failure and nurture a corporate culture that embraces continuous evolvement.

Lastly, we will achieve further growth as a “corporate group for housing to create great living” by maintaining a close relationship with all stakeholders and largely expanding the circle of such relationship.