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Philosophy and Policies

Haseko Group Philosophy

Haseko Group Standards of Conduct (Japanese Only)

Haseko Group’s CSR Vision and CSR Policy

CSR Vision

Better living – now and for the future We will engage ourselves in the daily lives of our customers and stakeholders and help create a better tomorrow.

CSR Policy

Based on our CSR vision, we, in the Haseko Group, promote CSR activities in accordance with the following policy items:
  1. Through a broad range of businesses related to housing and daily life, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
  2. In collaboration with our stakeholders, we will take action to integrate social and environmental concerns into our businesses processes.
  3. Utilizing the collective capabilities of our Group, we will strengthen our management ability in order to create new value for society and meet the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders.
  4. In all our business activities, we will comply with the law and act on the basis of high ethical standards.
  5. We will continue to improve our CSR initiatives, proactively disclose information, and aim to raise transparency throughout the organization.

Haseko Corporation’s Quality Policy

Haseko Corporation’s Quality Policy

Providing quality that meets customers’ expectations

  • The Company shall comply with laws and regulations, meet ISO9001:2015 requirements and make ongoing improvements to its quality management system.
  • The Company shall widely notify all its officers and employees as well as all people working with Haseko of its quality policy, and request its partner companies to widely notify those within their companies and for their cooperation.
  • The Company’s relevant departments shall set and implement “quality goals” to fulfill the quality policy.
  • The Company shall periodically review its quality policy and quality goals to maintain their appropriateness and support management strategies.
  • The Company shall make its quality policy public.

Basic Policies on Corporate Governance (Japanese Only)

Haseko Group’s Human Rights Policy

Haseko Group’s Declaration of Health

Haseko Group’s Environmental Policy

Haseko Group’s Environmental Policy

The Haseko Group makes efforts to protect the global environment and contributes to the realization of a sustainable society based on its corporate philosophy “to contribute to society by creating an optimal environment for cities and people,” and CSR Policy that aims to integrate social and environmental concerns into its business processes.

  1. Basic measures
    We will work together with our customers, partner companies, and various stakeholders involved to solve highly important environmental issues related to the Haseko Group’s business activities.
    • ・Realizing cyclical resource use through effective use of resources and further promotion of waste reduction
    • ・Reducing CO₂ emissions to contribute to a low-carbon society
    • ・Conserving biodiversity through pollution prevention and nature and ecosystem-conscious efforts
  2. Legal compliance and communication
    We will comply with environmental laws, agreements and voluntary standards, and will conduct education on the environment for employees working in the Haseko Group on a regular basis. We will also disclose information on our environment-related activities and actively communicate with internal and external stakeholders.
  3. Management
    We will establish and operate a management system that includes the setting of objectives and targets for promoting the above activities, and will improve the system on a continuous basis.

Haseko Corporation’s Environmental Policy

Haseko Corporation’s Environmental Policy

The Company hereby presents its environmental policy as follows, and will engage in activities with the aim of preserving and improving the global environment accordingly, based on its corporate philosophy “To contribute to society by creating an optimal environment for cities and people.”

  1. The Company shall establish and operate an environment management system in order to promote environmental preservation activities, and shall work to make continuous improvement of the environment and prevent contamination, in efforts to use resources effectively, prevent global warming and preserve biological diversity.
  2. The Company shall abide by laws, agreements and other arrangements concerning the environment, as well as prepare and implement voluntary standards as necessary.
  3. The Company shall assess the impact of its business activities on the environment and establish environment-specific purposes and goals that can be achieved both technically and economically. Such environment-specific purposes and goals shall be reviewed periodically.
  4. The Company shall focus on the following items in order to implement environmental preservation activities:
    1. Reduce construction wastes, and conduct construction giving consideration to recycling and the neighboring environment.
    2. Propose environment-conscious designs.
    3. Conduct office work by promoting energy saving, effective use of resources and green purchasing.
    4. Promote development of technologies to reduce environmental burden.
  5. The Company shall make ongoing improvements to CSR initiatives, proactively disclose information, and improve transparency at the organization level.
  6. The Company shall make its environmental policy public.

The Haseko Group’s Climate Change Response Policy

The Haseko Group’s Climate Change
Response Policy: HASEKO ZERO-Emission

The Haseko Group will strive to respond to climate change with the following as our basic stance.

  1. The Haseko Group as a whole believes that addressing climate change is an important management issue and promotes initiatives in order to “create an optimal environment for cities and people,” as stated in the Haseko Group’s Corporate Philosophy.
  2. Based on the Paris Agreement and the Japanese government’s policies, we are aiming to become carbon neutral by 2050.
    ・We will make necessary investments while focusing on technological development relating to low-carbon construction and decarbonized housing.
    ・We will proactively use outside technologies and products that contribute to renewable energy and decarbonization.
  3. In order to expand and create business opportunities from our response to climate change, we will analyze the risks and opportunities of climate change, develop countermeasures based on the analytical results, and manage progress by setting specific targets.
  4. The Haseko Group will utilize its collective capabilities to realize these targets, and as necessary, we will pursue initiatives in collaboration with supply chains, developers, the construction industry, and others.
  5. In order to promote understanding of these initiatives addressing climate change, we will make disclosures and proactively promote strategic communications with internal and external stakeholders.

Established December 16, 2021

Haseko Group Code of Conduct on Biodiversity

Haseko Group Code of Conduct on Biodiversity

Basic philosophy

The Haseko Group engages in corporate activities based on its Group Philosophy “To contribute to society by creating an optimal environment for cities and people.” By engaging in biodiversity-conscious corporate activities based on the recognition that people and companies reap various benefits from the natural environment, we will endeavor to help conserve and improve biodiversity in pursuit of a more comfortable and sustainable global environment.

Action guidelines

  • Compliance
    We will comply with laws and regulations, etc. related to biodiversity conservation, identify related policies and social demands and endeavor to reflect our knowledge of them in business activities.
  • Education and enlightenment
    We will spread knowledge required for biodiversity conservation activities and information on laws and regulations, etc. through in-house education, etc. and raise employees’ awareness of the value of the ecosystem.
  • Consideration in construction business
    We will implement biodiversity-conscious plans, designs and proposals, and endeavor to avert and reduce the impact of construction work.
  • Research and development
    We will accumulate information and technological knowledge related to the ecosystem and promote related technological research and development.
  • Collaboration with society
    We will endeavor to contribute to society through participation in regional environmental preservation activities and academic society/association activities.

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