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Protecting the precious environment

Housing development has a huge impact on the environment.
With a full understanding of such impact, we are not only promoting environmental activities to realize processes and technologies with minimal environmental burden but also engaging in research and technological development.

Four dimensions for protecting the precious environment

  • Cyclical resource use
    Recognizing the fact that we are operating our businesses by using limited resources of the earth, we are handling resources carefully in all processes of our business activities and making efforts to recycle them as much as possible.
  • Energy & CO2
    Condominiums require a lot of energy and release CO2 not only during construction but also while in use. Consideration is thus given in all stages, from planning and designing to maintenance and management.
  • Pollution prevention and consideration for the local environment
    Upon the development of condominiums, we give thoroughgoing consideration to prevent any negative impact of soil, water quality, sunlight, noise, etc. We also proactively make proposals including those for the development of green areas that serve as a place of relaxation for the local community.
  • Supply chain
    Initiatives to protect and nurture the global environment cannot be realized by the Haseko Group alone. We are promoting activities in collaboration with our business partners, etc.

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* In principle, the "Protecting the precious environment" section is a report on Haseko Corporation's activities.
 Terms such as "we" and "the Company" in the text refer to Haseko Corporation.