Building a company worth working at

The collective capabilities of the Haseko Group rest on employees of the Group and those of business partners.
We are striving to create a pleasant working environment by developing supportive structures and systems at the company level so that each and every one of them can fully demonstrate their abilities and skills.

  • 3 関連するSDGs目標
  • 5 ジェンダー平等を実現しよう
  • 8 エネルギーをみんなにそしてクリーンに
  • 9 産業と技術革新の基盤をつくろう
  • 17 パートナーシップで目標を達成しよう

Materiality of “Building a Company Worth Working At”

  • Human Capital
    (diversity & inclusion, human resources development)
    Under the key theme of “getting the most out of their qualities”, we will promote the creation of an environment that respects the diversity of employees who work in the Haseko Group and enables each and every employee to make the most of his/her individuality at work.
  • A safe and healthy working environment
    We are endeavoring to enhance the health of all persons involved in our business by giving consideration to safety and health at the workplace so that they can play an active role by demonstrating their capabilities.