Integrated Report

Haseko Group Integrated Report 2022

Corporate Philosophy, Editorial Policy, and Contents [PDF:0.6MB]
  • Aiming to become a corporate group for housing to create great living
  • About the Haseko Group Integrated Report 2022
  • The Haseko Group Philosophy
Value Creation of the Haseko Group [PDF:1.5MB]
Business Strategy [PDF:1.8MB]
  • Construction-Related Business
  • Real Estate-Related Business
  • Service-Related Business
  • Overseas-Related Business
Strengthening Our Value Creation Foundations [PDF:0.6MB]
  • CSR Management of the Haseko Group
  • Haseko Group CSR Action Plan for FY2021
Nurturing a Culture of Trust [PDF:1.0MB]
  • Interview with the Outside Directors / Corporate ethics and compliance with the law / Respect of human rights / Supply Chain Management / Promotion of Social Contribution Activitie
Creating Attractive Living Spaces [PDF:1.4MB]
  • Environmental Consideration in Daily Life / Safety, security and comfort / Diverse lifestyles
Building a Company Worth Working At [PDF:0.7MB]
  • Enabling the flourishing of diverse talent / A Safe and Healthy Working Environment / Personnel Development and Technology Succession / Supply Chain
Protecting the Precious Environment [PDF:2.1MB]
  • The Haseko Group’s Climate Change Response / Disclosures Based on the TCFD Recommendations / Energy & CO2 / Environmental Accounting / Environmental Management System / Consideration for Biodiversity
Data Section [PDF:0.1MB]
  • Operating results / Consolidated Financial Statements / Corporate Overview / Stock Information