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DX for “Enriched Lives” as Imagined and Evolved by the Haseko Group

Three key persons who lead the Group DX Promotion Study Subcommittee (hereinafter G-DX Subcommittee), which was established to promote DX in the Haseko Group, gathered to discuss where Haseko’s DX currently stands as it moves forward to promote the use and development of DX in all situations, from design and construction to management, repair, and lifestyle, with the intention of further enriching people’s lives in Japan.


The future of Haseko Group and SDGs according to employees

Understanding of SDGs and active efforts are critical for creating the Haseko Group’s positive future toward 2030.
What are the efforts that can be made at the frontline to achieve the SDGs set by the Haseko Group, while considering their links to the corporate philosophy, which is the Haseko Group’s mission, and daily operations?
Discussions were held among seven employees, who engage in different operations.


Construction of “resilient” condominiums considering the prevention and reduction of disaster

As Japan continues to be hit by large-scale typhoons and earthquakes, the call is growing for disaster-resilient housing.
This section traces Haseko Group’s measures against disaster through the years and highlights the activities of Disaster Resilient Technology Working Group aimed at promoting the “construction of disaster-resilient condominiums.”


Haseko’s Innovation Activities

In autumn 2018, we established the new “Value, technology and innovation division.”
Our FIT Department, ICT Utilization Department, Kansai ICT Utilization Department, CR Department, Group Customer Center, and IT Promotion Department are collaborating to reach for new heights of innovation.
We are working to develop new business models and promote workstyle reform.


Haseko Technical Center
~ Haseko’s housing to create great living ~

Haseko Technical Center was newly established in Tama City, Tokyo in 2018, as one of the projects commemorating Haseko Corporation’s 80th anniversary since its founding. It will not only conduct research and technological development as well as training aimed at safe, secure and comfortable housing from the residents’ point of view, but also serve as a source of information on new technologies, new products, and technology verification targeted broadly at condominium owners, administrative agencies, condominium management associations, and customers.