Nurturing a culture of trust

In order to develop better housing in practice, Haseko Group’s organization must have a solid foundation and be worthy of its stakeholders’ trust.
To this end, we will enhance management and proactively engage in initiatives in the area of social contribution.

Materiality of “Nurturing a Culture of Trust”

  • Governance and risk management
    In addition to efforts to ensure transparency in our management systems, we also properly manage various internal and external business risks associated with our operations and continue to maintain and enhance corporate value.
  • Respect of human rights
    We respect the basic human rights of all people, and give consideration so as not to impair the dignity of any individual.
  • Information disclosure and stakeholder engagement
    We will listen to stakeholders’ opinions and make the most of them in the form of improved business and CSR activities.
  • Supply chain management
    We are leading CSR efforts throughout our supply chain to ensure the continuation of a sustainable society.

Initiatives at a Glance

Approach 02
Corporate ethics and
compliance with the law
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Approach 04
Information disclosure and stakeholder engagement
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Approach 05
CSR education and training
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Approach 07
Supply chain
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* In principle, the "Nurturing a culture of trust" section is a report on Haseko Corporation's activities.
 Terms such as "we" and "the Company" in the text refer to Haseko Corporation.