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Haseko Group's CSR Management

Haseko Group’s CSR

Haseko Group’s Corporate Philosophy

To contribute to society by creating
an optimal environment for cities and people
As a corporate group for housing to create great living,
we will promote CSR initiatives based on our CSR vision below to fulfill our corporate philosophy.

CSR Vision

Better living – now and for the future We will engage ourselves in the daily lives of our customers and stakeholders and help create a better tomorrow.
Social issues surrounding our daily lives
  • Response to climate change
  • Conservation of ecosystem
  • Safety and security
  • Disaster prevention and disaster response
  • Regional revitalization
  • Response to demographic changes and aging society
  • Diversity promotion
  • Active participation of women
  • Health, medical care, and nursing care
  • Vocational education and creation of employment opportunities
  • Childcare and parental care
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Cyclical resource use

Formulation of CSR Vision

Through discussions held in the working group consisting primarily of young and mid-level employees of Group companies, we deepened our common understanding of CSR initiatives and expressly described what we aim to be as a group in the form of CSR Vision. Discussions on the CSR Vision were carried out in consideration of the outcome of the identification of materiality performed at the same time.

Opinions from working group members
  • We formulated a CSR vision that takes into account the potential of new challenges while cherishing the traditional traits unique to Haseko.
  • Given that employees’ understanding of the significance of CSR and CSR through core businesses is still far from satisfactory, instilling them among employees will be a major task for the future.

CSR Policy

Based on our CSR vision, we, in the Haseko Group, promote CSR activities in accordance with the following policy items:
  1. Through a broad range of businesses related to housing and daily life, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
  2. In collaboration with our stakeholders, we will take action to integrate social and environmental concerns into our businesses processes.
  3. Utilizing the collective capabilities of our Group, we will strengthen our management ability in order to create new value for society and meet the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders.
  4. In all our business activities, we will comply with the law and act on the basis of high ethical standards.
  5. We will continue to improve our CSR initiatives, proactively disclose information, and aim to raise transparency throughout the organization.
We cherish
the collective capabilities of the Haseko Group,
and they serve as the primary driving force of our CSR initiatives.
People, organization, and teamwork
Human resources full of spirit to take on challenges and vitality to take action will create new value to meet social expectations, together with various departments, Group companies, clients and members of local communities.
Consumer perspective
We have created the history of condominiums in Japan with consumers. On the front line of our businesses of housing and daily life, we will constantly uncover consumers’ needs and materialize products and services leveraging the collective capabilities of the Haseko Group.
Technology and know-how for life and living space
Based on a wide range of technologies and know-how related to life and living space, we are aggressively engaging in technological development and making business proposals that further accelerate solutions of social and environmental issues.

Our Four Main CSR Themes

Background to Determination of Our Four Main CSR Themes

Determination of our four main CSR themes involved summarizing the key elements of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) for long-term growth into the future as well as Haseko Group’s strengths and determining the themes through discussions held in the working group consisting primarily of young and mid-level employees of Group companies.

Creating attractive living spaces
  • Safety, security and comfort
  • Enabling diverse lifestyles
  • Community
  • Environmental consideration in daily life
Building a company worth working at
  • Enabling the flourishing of diverse talent
  • A safe and healthy working environment
  • Personnel development and technology succession
  • Supply chain
Protecting the precious environment
  • Cyclical resource use
  • Energy & CO2
  • Pollution prevention and consideration for the local environment
  • Supply chain
Nurturing a culture of trust
The collective capabilities of the Haseko Group
Consumer perspective / Technology and know-how for life and living space / People, organization, and teamwork
  • Corporate ethics and compliance with the law
  • Respect of human rights
  • CSR education and training
  • Information disclosure and stakeholder engagement
  • Promotion of philanthropic activities
  • Strengthening of collective capabilities of the Group
  • Creating attractive living spaces

    We will create living spaces where people can feel safe, grow, and actively pursue diverse lifestyles. While promoting business that enhances the quality of child nursing, education, care, and welfare, we will aim to make safe, secure and environmentally considerate living the new standard.

  • Building a company worth working at

    We will nurture a workplace where a diversity of employees can flourish, and where safety and productivity are high. Employees with advanced technological skill and know-how in the field of life and living spaces will work in passionate teamwork, and in collaboration with our business partners, to build attractive townhoods today and in the future.

  • Protecting the precious environment

    We will promote environmental measures throughout the process of providing living spaces and services related to daily life. We are considerate about our impact on the ecosystem, and will pursue further improvements of resource and energy efficiency working with business partners to realize construction sites and workspaces that help protect the natural environment.

  • Nurturing a culture of trust

    In order to remain a corporate group co-creating value with stakeholders based on strong trust-based relations, we will implement the required organizational measures rigorously. We will strengthen management that harnesses our collective capabilities as a group, and while staying alert to new social and environmental issues, we will aim to constantly expand our ability to contribute to society through our business.

10 SDGs (Global Goals) closely related to Haseko Group CSR activities

We have identified ten of the Global Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations with a particular connection to our business. We recognize that the business and operations of the Haseko Group are closely linked to social and environmental challenges, and through solution-oriented business actions, we aim to create synergies between the generation of social value and the growth of the Haseko Group.


Haseko Group’s Materiality

Materiality Identification Process

Identification of materiality (material issues) involved preparing a list of 74 materiality topics in consideration of global standards such as the GRI Standards and ISO26000 as well as Haseko Group’s business environment. This was followed by evaluation and weighting of the materiality topics based on their relevance with respect to the social axis (importance to stakeholders) and the business axis (importance to the Haseko Group).

The topics were finalized based on reviews conducted by officers after reflecting the opinions of working group members, resulting in the identification of 26 material issues.

  1. Step01
    Formulation of list of materiality topics
  2. Step02
    Weighting based on social and business axes
  3. Step03
    Finalization based on reviews

Haseko Group Materiality Matrix

* Topics of social and environmental issues that have been revealed in the Materiality Matrix to be highly important are all included as components of our four main CSR themes.

CSR Organizational Framework

In 2019, the Haseko Group established a management structure for the purpose of promoting CSR activities in an organized fashion. In conjunction with this, we developed a structure to engage in CSR initiatives on a group-wide scale by selecting members of the CSR Committee, the Officer in charge of CSR and the CSR Promotion Leader from among members of Haseko Corporation divisions and Haseko Group companies.

Diagram of CSR Management Structure

Role of Each Body

CSR Committee
  • The CSR Committee deliberates and decides CSR policies and important matters, reports on the progress of activities and approves matters subject to information disclosure. (It meets periodically, once a year.)
CSR Promotion Conference
  • The CSR Promotion Conference holds preliminary discussions on proposals to be made to the CSR Committee, determines the specific direction of matters decided by the CSR Committee and manages the progress of activities. (It meets periodically, three times a year.)
CSR Promotion Secretariat
  • The CSR Promotion Secretariat serves as the driving force of activities in each organization and coordinates activities as the secretariat. (It meets periodically, four times a year.)
Working Group on CSR Strategy
  • This working group makes recommendations on the direction of CSR initiatives and specific issues and countermeasures. (It meets whenever necessary.)

CSR Action Plan

Through discussions held in the working group consisting primarily of young and mid-level employees, we established a framework for the “Haseko Group CSR Action Plan” regarding 18 sub-themes in connection with our four main CSR themes. With the aim of achieving the “Vision for 2037 (100th anniversary)” that has been stipulated, we are promoting CSR activities in accordance with the action plan, beginning in fiscal 2019.

Our Four Main CSR Themes 18 priority sub-themes Vision for 2037 (100th anniversary) Haseko Group’s initiatives for FYE March 2020 – FYE March 2022
Creating attractive living spaces
safety, security and comfort Thoroughly pursuing the supply of safe, secure, and comfortable buildings and services, in order to provide long-lasting housing Maintain and improve quality
Promote the condominium regeneration business
Promote the redevelopment business
Promote research and development of technology to prolong building life
Providing a comfortable and healthy lifestyle anytime, anywhere Enhance development of technologies for comfortable and healthy lifestyle
Realizing environments in which everyone can live with peace of mind, through crime prevention and surveillance Develop crime prevention and surveillance systems utilizing ICT
Continue systems that allow for responding to emergencies around the clock
Contributing to development of disaster-resistant lifestyles and cities Promote hard and soft disaster countermeasures in condominiums
Improve seismic isolation, vibration suppression, and seismic resistant technologies
Enabling diverse lifestyles Supporting diverse lifestyles for all age groups from children to senior citizens by providing new value in housing and living Expand businesses that support diverse lifestyles
Offer products and services that contribute to improving the convenience of life
Promote condominium product planning utilizing ICT
Develop and offer elderly facilities, housing, and nursing care services for a super-aged society
Consider urban development concepts for the next generation
Community Contributing to urban development that enables easy access to a variety of services for daily life, including childcare, education, nursing care, and welfare Promote development of complexes centered on housing
Promoting the vitalization of regional cities Promote business development in regional cities
Contributing to the formation of local communities Create mechanisms for building communities through interactions among residents of local neighborhoods and condominiums
Environmental consideration in daily life Being a leading company in environmental technologies for housing and living Develop and adopt technologies to reduce the environmental burden stemming from condominiums, including the achievement of net Zero Energy House (ZEH) condominiums
Promote condominium planning that takes into consideration the environment of housing and living, including biodiversity
Providing housing and services that support the recycling of living resources Introduce systems that promote the reduction and recycling of household waste
Building a company worth working at
Enabling the flourishing of diverse talent Recognizing diverse personalities and values, having established an environment in which all employees find their jobs to be rewarding and succeed in their own ways Reduce long, unproductive working hours through workstyle reform
Establish a work environment that realizes diverse workstyles (such as telework)
Promote and actively support women in all manner of workplaces
Expand and promote support systems related to childcare and nursing care
Realize workplaces where people with and without disabilities can work together
Raise awareness of and actively promote senior personnel
Establish and promote work environments and infrastructure that enable foreign employees to play active roles
A safe and healthy working environment Having realized a safe and healthy working environment in all workplaces Thoroughly enforce our occupational safety management framework
Develop working environments
Supporting the mental and physical health of individual employees Practice health management
Enhance the mental and physical health of employees
Pioneering in the utilization of advanced technology that improves business efficiency and productivity Promote utilization of advanced technologies such as AI, RPA, and robots
Personnel development and technology succession Conducting a wide variety of educational activities to cultivate personnel engaged in future housing and living Train independent individuals
Enhance career development measures
Ensure the succession of skills
Offering places for everyone, regardless of their age from children and adults, to learn about housing and living Enhance external communication (such as social studies tours)
Develop on-site tours
Provide education through events (design competitions, etc.)
Supply chain Realizing safe and highly productive workplaces with our business partners Continuously promote cooperation with business partners through initiatives such as training and awareness-raising events
Promote smooth communication by utilizing ICT
Implement risk countermeasures at business partners
Protecting the precious environment
Cyclical resource use Thoroughly practicing 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in all our business activities Continuously manage and improve our environmental management system
Promote reduction and reuse of soil generated from construction
Promote reduction of construction waste
Expand reuse and recycling at construction sites and offices
Promote paperless office work
Promoting advanced initiatives for timber utilization in condominiums Timber utilization for condominiums
Promote afforestation activities at “Haseko no Mori”
Energy & CO2 Having achieved high energy efficiency and renewable energy utilization rate in all business activities Continuously manage and improve our environmental management system
Review and formulate the Group’s Environmental Policy
Promote energy/electricity conservation at construction sites and offices
Introduce hybrid vehicles for construction and heavy machinery, and reduce their overall number
Proactively utilize solar and renewable energy at construction sites
Reduce CO2 emissions by improving the efficiency of construction material transport vehicles and preventing vehicle idling
Pollution prevention and consideration for the local environment Showing thorough consideration for the local environment in all our business activities Maintain and ensure appropriate management of hazardous substances and residue
Show consideration for residents near construction sites
Design green spaces that are in harmony with the environment
Supply chain Having established a foundation to realize reduction of environmental burden throughout the supply chain Promote initiatives and public relations to earn the understanding of business owners and buyers, so as to reduce the environmental burden of construction materials
Having achieved CSR procurement Examine and formulate a CSR procurement policy
Nurturing a culture of trust Corporate ethics and compliance with the law Corporate ethics and compliance with the law are thoroughly implemented to ensure we remain a quality company Enhance risk management, including both environmental and social risks
Thoroughly enforce compliance
Periodically revise systems to further strengthen governance
Respect of human rights Having established and implemented mechanisms for respecting human rights Formulate a human rights policy and establish human rights due diligence
Enhance training and mechanisms for the elimination of harassment
Information disclosure and stakeholder engagement Having realized CSR management by utilizing information obtained from various stakeholders Conduct dialogues with stakeholders
Proactively disclosing information to stakeholders Promote information disclosure that meets stakeholders’ awareness of issues and expectations
CSR education and training Conducting CSR education necessary for the station and rank of each employee, and implementing CSR management Conduct systematic CSR education
Implement CSR dissemination measures and understanding surveys
Promotion of philanthropic activities Presenting widely to the society models for solving social issues in the community Continue the Haseko no Mori project
Promote Asuka Village projects
Promote social contribution activities at each of our companies
Supporting recovery of livelihoods in the event of a disaster Examine and establish disaster support systems and policies
Strengthening of collective capabilities of the Group Having an excellent system that values customer feedback and utilizes it in our business Promote initiatives aimed at improving customer satisfaction
Always proposing housing and lifestyles for the future Propose future lifestyles
Having all employees use a system that enables them to share all information within the Group in a timely manner, contributing to the corporate management Take measures that will boost information sharing and communication within the Group, such as providing ICT and forums
Continuously implement the early development projects for the Group’s salespersons