Haseko Technical Center
~ Haseko’s housing to create great living ~Fiscal 2018 Special Feature

As one of the projects commemorating Haseko Corporation’s 80th anniversary since its founding, Haseko Technical Center was newly established in Tama City, Tokyo in 2018. It is an integrated facility consisting of Haseko Technical Research Institute, Haseko Condominium Museum, Haseko Group Technical Training Center and Haseko Community Owl 24 Center.

Haseko Technical Center will not only conduct research and technological development as well as training aimed at safe, secure and comfortable housing from residents’ point of view, but also serve as a source of information on new technologies, new products, and technology verification targeted broadly at condominium owners, administrative agencies, condominium management associations, and customers.

Background to Establishment of Haseko Technical Center

Haseko Corporation has been researching on basic technologies behind our products and developing cutting-edge technologies to create “safe, secure and comfortable housing” at its technology hubs such as the Koshigaya Technical Research Institute since establishing the Technological Development Department in its headquarters in 1975. In recent years, these technology hubs are visited by a growing number of visitors from outside the organization such as condominium project owners and condominium management associations, which gives rise to a greater need for functions to explain Haseko Group’s research and technological development for newly-built condominiums and existing condominiums in an easy-to-understand manner. Against such backdrop, we have decided to consolidate and enhance our technology-related functions in the form of Haseko Technical Center.

Upon newly establishing Haseko Technical Center, Haseko Corporation was designated by the Tama City Government in Tokyo as a company entitled to assistance in establishing new business facilities in Tama City under Tama City Government’s ordinance for attracting enterprises. Going forward, we intend to contribute toward Tama City Government’s efforts for the development of a vibrant city.

Facility profile

Aiming to become a hub where you can understand and experience the history of condominiums and the collective capabilities of the Haseko Group - Director of Haseko Technical Center/Director of Haseko Condominium Museum Hitoshi Eguchi

We pressed forward with establishing Haseko Technical Center as a finishing touch to our 80th anniversary projects. This facility reflects our passion to communicate broadly to the general public the technology and knowledge amassed and refined by the Haseko Group over the years, as well as the history of manufacturing.

In particular, the Haseko Condominium Museum is Japan’s first museum where visitors can take a look back at the history of condominiums comprehensively and learn about the future prospects of condominiums. In considering what to exhibit, we collaborated with and borrowed materials from the Urban Renaissance Agency, and exercised our creativity so that visitors would be able to learn about the history of condominiums in Japan from multiple perspectives.

The Museum showcases a replicated 1970s condominium room with furniture, provides an introductory guide to condominium restoration methods, and features multi-company collaborative exhibits that enable visitors to experience the future of housing. In the future, we intend to contribute to local communities such as by taking in neighboring elementary school children for study tours.Haseko Technical Center will also be highly significant in that employees can learn about Haseko Group’s history and experience how its collective capabilities have been demonstrated.

People’s lifestyle will change with the passage of time, and condominiums will be no exception. Haseko Technical Center will show its visitors, especially in terms of physical aspects, our stance to pursuing “safety, security and comfort” condominiums while exhibiting the process of evolution from the past to present, and even to the future, as well as normally undisclosed areas. In this way, many people hopefully become more interested in condominiums from a fresh perspective. Our wish is that Haseko Technical Center will have become more useful and turned into a gateway to the future when Haseko Corporation celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Haseko Technical Research Institute:Strategic base for research and technological development serving as the pillar for condominium development

Haseko Technical Center’s core facility is Haseko Technical Research Institute. The Institute is taking on challenges in various performance experiments as well as research and development related to condominiums, in order to meet new needs of customers and society at all times, such as extending the life and enhancing the seismic resistance of buildings, and addressing environmental problems including the reduction of CO2 emissions. Its most distinctive feature is the full-scale condominium—a real-world environment—constructed on its premises.

We believe that the word “experiment” means “actual experience.” Both the Housing Test Building and the Multi-Purpose Test Building offer space that enables verification in the real world.

The advanced condominium technologies that we have developed are a reflection of our passion for honest experiments that we have long been conducting repeatedly and continuously.

  • Exterior of Multi-Purpose Test Building
  • Structural test area in Multi-Purpose Test Building
  • Thermal environment test room in Housing Test Building
  • Exterior of Housing Test Building
  • Seismic isolation pit in Housing Test Building

Haseko Condominium Museum:Platform for showcasing our passion for manufacturing broadly to the general public

Haseko Condominium Museum was opened in 2018 as a platform for showcasing Haseko Group’s technological capabilities cultivated over the years as well as its passion for manufacturing broadly to the general public. The Haseko Group had previously been communicating its approach to manufacturing by such means as announcing the basic performance at display rooms and displaying structures and other hidden parts in visible form, but never communicated it in the form of a story in light of the historical backdrop and evolution of technology. Haseko Condominium Museum is a collection of such wisdom and creative efforts of the Haseko Group presented in a visible format. By experiencing its seven zones, visitors will be able to learn about the birth, transformation and future of condominiums in the form of a single story.

What makes the Museum most distinctive is that it is a participatory place of communication. For example, the “Transition of housing and daily life” zone exhibits the actual display room of CONBUS (Condominium Building System; developed as the archetype of standardized condominiums in 1973) and that of the latest “Be-Next” in the same space, enabling visitors to compare the past and present of condominiums and experience them in real space. The “All about building a condominium” zone presents a virtual reality video showing what a construction site looks like below the ground. Haseko Condominium Museum offers programs that allow visitors to actually see, touch, and experience condominiums.

Condominiums change with the times, but Haseko Group’s passion remains unchanged. By communicating these two factors, we are committed to supporting the creation of a condominium culture and great progress in housing.

  • Entrance hall
  • “Story of the Beginning,” a powerful video showing how people’s lives are enriched by living together,
    from the dawn of humanity to the advent of condominiums
  • "History of condominiums" zone:
    A presentation on the transition of condominiums in Japan and the rest of the world
  • "Transition of housing and daily life" zone:
    Visitors can compare the past and present of condominiums in real space
  • "All about building a condominium" zone:
    Visitors can actually see, feel and experience what takes place at construction sites
  • "Housing for the future": A presentation on ideals of near-future condominiums

Haseko Group Technical Training Center: Training facility that helps raise the overall level of skills in the condominium management industry

Haseko Group Technical Training Center is a training facility for training front-office employees, life managers (administration staff), cleaning staff, and building management technicians who assist in the operation of management associations of condominiums managed by HASEKO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT HOLDINGS INC. The Center, which is equipped with diverse facilities for practical training to acquire knowledge and technical capabilities required for condominium management, executes training based on a consistent curriculum. In conjunction with its relocation to Haseko Technical Center, some of its facilities have been updated; in addition, its training space has been reorganized to enable training more efficiently, including the integration of plumbing facilities, and training rooms have been expanded to accommodate more trainees.

Unlike other training facilities equipped with actual equipment, Haseko Group Technical Training Center is distinctive in that it allows trainees to see every nook and cranny in the structures of condominium facilities that are not normally visible—e.g., underneath the floors, behind the ceilings—so that the trainees can learn about the structures in connection with each other. For this reason, the Center receives many training requests from outside the Group as well: external trainees account for approximately half of the total of 7,000 trainees per year. Certified as a vocational training school by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Center is also utilized for the training of elderly conducted by the Tokyo Foundation for Employment Services and other organizations, thereby helping raise the level of skills not only in the Haseko Group but also in the condominium management industry as a whole.

  • Entrance training
  • Rooftop training zone
  • Cleaning training zone
  • fire‐fighting equipment training zone
  • Exclusively-owned area zone

Haseko Community Owl 24 Center:Defending home safety and security around the clock, 365 days a year.

Haseko Community Owl 24 Center, a comprehensive monitoring center owned by Haseko Community, Inc., monitors alarms of condominiums 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of an emergency situation, the Center will receive an automatically-forwarded alarm or a telephone call from a resident, promptly get a grasp of the situation and dispatch security staff. The Center also serves as an out-of-hours point of contact by telephone (toll free).

The scope of Haseko Community Owl 24 Center spans from Tohoku in the north to Okinawa in the south of Japan. The Center also accepts a variety of inquiries ranging from those concerning managed condominiums to those about construction sites, after-sales maintenance, rental condominiums and renovation work. Following its relocation to Haseko Technical Center, Haseko Community Owl 24 Center will build a more robust structure than ever before to defend the safety and security of homes.

  • Condominium alarm monitoring in action