Haseko’s Innovation ActivitiesFiscal 2019 Special Feature

Our Value, technology and innovation division enters full-scale operation

In autumn 2018, we established the new “Value, technology and innovation division.”
Our FIT Department, ICT Utilization Department, Kansai ICT Utilization Department, CR Department, Group Customer Center, and IT Promotion Department are collaborating to reach for new heights of innovation.
We are working to develop new business models and promote workstyle reform.

1. Utilize cutting-edge technologies to create new business models. 2. Revise and improve existing businesses to dramatically improve productivity. 3. Make ourselves a model case to promote workstyle reform.

We aim to create new business models that will pave the way to a brighter future for the Haseko Group

In the autumn of 2018, we established the new Value, technology and innovation division to promote innovation, with an eye on the future of the Haseko Group 5 to 10 years from now. This new division has two major activity goals.

The first goal is to create new business models that proactively utilize advanced digital technologies. The second goal is to dramatically improve productivity in our existing businesses. In particular, this new division is expected to attempt innovations that cause major changes to the society. This means starting by searching for future lifestyle needs and new social value, and creating new business models through adoption of advanced technologies and new ideas for existing goods and systems.

The Value, technology and innovation division is now seeking to answer the unanswerable questions of the future, unconstrained by conventional thinking, with a sense of urgency to “think on the run, and build a system while verifying.”

Offices supporting collaborative activities are also a laboratory for workstyles of the future

The Value, technology and innovation division consists of six departments: 1) FIT Department, 2) ICT Utilization Department, 3) Kansai ICT Utilization Department, 4) CR Department, 5) Group Customer Center, and 6) IT Promotion Department. In addition to activities in each departmental unit, the division is also working in an unconventional collaborative structure that promotes innovation, while assembling from across departmental boundaries for each mission.

To support this collaborative activity, we have developed an environment at this office in which information can be shared at all times, sparking greater communication. In the future, we will continue to implement trials and improvements, so that we can evolve it into a better office.

The new division has another important role, which is to be a model case for promoting “workstyle reform.” It will conduct trial experiments of various workstyles, including free address system and telework, and contribute to the development of new workstyles by providing feedback to the various companies of the Haseko Group on the information and results obtained from these efforts.

The “current status” of the new division answering unanswerable questions

We have asked the members of the Value, technology and innovation division, who are taking on the challenges of creating new business models, improving productivity in existing businesses, and promoting workstyle reform, to discuss the “current status” of their initiatives.

Create and cultivate new business models that will pioneer business structuring

FIT Department Junichi Yamashita

The FIT Department is expected to draft and execute plans for the future reform of the Haseko Group, as indicated by the acronym in its name, FIT (Future, Innovation, Transformation). We think that this will be a pioneering effort in our mission to create new business models with an eye on the future of the Haseko Group 5 to 10 years from now and cultivate them as the Group’s business.

The FIT Project, led by the FIT Department, has been active with nine teams since April 2019. My team is working to develop new “support for rental condominium owners.” This is an initiative to develop new services utilizing digital technology, so that the owners can conduct rental management operations more efficiently. We intend to develop services using the resources of the Haseko Group which we have cultivated so far.

Based on the “FIT WAY” action slogan which we have posted in the office, we hope to create a bright future for Haseko, with each individual in the department working aggressively and communicating proactively between the teams.

We aim to provide new added value to life with “BIM & LIM Cloud”

ICT Utilization Department Mitsuru Yumoto Kansai ICT Utilization Department Sumiaki Hirai

In spring 2020, we will start operation of BIM & LIM Cloud, which combines BIM (Building Information Modeling) that integrates various types of data into a 3D model of a building for utilization in design and construction, with LIM (Living Information Modeling), a new information service system that centralizes resident information and provides added value by combining it with advanced devices. This is a new service that our team has been working on to provide more useful information for future condominium living, condominium management, and condominium development. Casual discussions with everyone on our team, as well as conversations with partner companies and even family members about what kind of added value information we should provide all inspire great ideas and hints for development.

BIM & LIM Cloud is a task to create the future by constantly accumulating and analyzing information, and gradually building new added value information. Our team is working as one to prepare for the start of operation.

「BIM&LIM Cloud」概念図

The “Traveling Office” is not our final form, but an evolving office

From Office Design Committee
2nd term Office Design Committee: FIT Department (Shingo Kikuchi, Hideki Kato, Tatsuki Yoshino) / CR Department (Maki Yoshida) / IT Promotion Department (Takayuki Abumi, Ryuichi Muraoka)

The office of the Value, technology and innovation division has been developed as an environment based on the concept of a “Traveling Office.” We have adopted the full-on “free address” system in a layout without partitions, where workers can sit at different desks every day, promoting communication with many different people and unexpected encounters. We have also built a “wireless environment” and “paperless environment” that support constant access to information. In addition, with the aim of making this environment stress free, we have set up glass-walled conference rooms, desks with sofas, and a cafe area. Furthermore, we have implemented many innovations in our office, including walls with special paint on which people can write and erase, so that new ideas can be written down anywhere.

The Value, technology and innovation division was intentionally established without a General Affairs Department, and instead has an “Office Design Committee” primarily responsible for operation and aesthetic maintenance of the office. Members are selected from each department, and rotate every six months. We, as the 2nd term Office Design Committee, are promoting the effective use of the free address system, invigorating communication, and conducting trial experiments of AI assistants and location tracking systems. This is an unprecedented effort on our part to manage and implement verification and improvement ourselves, so that we can make our office evolve into an ideal innovation office. One of the important themes for our division is for this office to become a test model for “next-generation offices,” and for us to provide feedback on our results to the Haseko Group’s workstyle vision. Just as the work we do here, the office of the Value, technology and innovation division itself can be said to be “an office attempting new innovation.”

The “Work free address” area surrounds a cafe area with a round table pictured in the front
Floor plan of the office
Left: Standing conference booths surrounded by sound absorbing material
Right: KAIZEN BOARD, a tool to visualize proposals about the office environment from division members