The future of Haseko Group and SDGs
according to employeesFiscal 2021 Special Feature

Understanding of SDGs and active efforts are critical for creating the Haseko Group’s positive future toward 2030.
What are the efforts that can be made at the frontline to achieve the SDGs set by the Haseko Group, while considering their links to the corporate philosophy, which is the Haseko Group’s mission, and daily operations?
Discussions were held among seven employees, who engage in different operations.

Each job is different, but the underlying corporate philosophy is the compass.

How do you think the corporate philosophy relates to your onsite operations?

Ando  The corporate philosophy of the Haseko Group is “To contribute to society by creating an optimal environment for cities and people.” As the development of condominiums is the core of Haseko Corporation, we are expected to be a sustained provider of something optimal for residents through creating housing. Housing greatly impacts people and society, so I am always inspired and motivated by the fact that my work carries such social responsibilities.
Among the many operations, I am engaged in the redevelopment business. Repair works will be necessary for people to continue to live in the same region. In particular, for large-scale redevelopments defined by law, the key is how it can benefit the community at large in addition to residents of that block. We need to consider the existence of surrounding stakeholders and see things from an expanded perspective. For example, we may develop roads in a block so as to allow a fire truck to travel to the next town swiftly.

Komatsu My job is also development. When purchasing land, first and foremost, we consider what is most suitable to the land. Is it a for-sale condominium, rental condominium, nursing home, hotel or according to recent trends, a distribution facility? In this sense, I think our job is the very creation of an optimum living environment.
If a building is built in a way that it serves the purpose, it will probably last for many decades. Therefore, I think what we create must match the needs of the people living there.

Inada I work in the Construction Unit. I have been engaged in onsite operations for construction work ever since joining the Company. Like Ms. Komatsu, I have frequently been involved in sites other than for-sale condominiums too, such as offices and redevelopment. The Haseko Group’s foremost strength is that it can contribute to creating comprehensive living environments by handling projects back to back from procurement of land to management after handover and repairs. When a project has been accomplished, I am able to strongly identify with the corporate philosophy.

Hirai I am working in the design unit where feedback from final users are regularly delivered to us, the design team, through Group companies. We have a big advantage where we are able to review and verify the usability and management status of condominiums by receiving feedback from residents who actually live there. I feel that the entire Group is linked to society in the mission of “creating an optimal environment for cities and people.”

Muraki I am in charge of large-scale repair works and renovation of condominiums and at, positioned the most downstream within the Group.
For instance, when we conduct repair works on exterior walls, residents live inside those walls. It is necessary to conduct works while people are living there. Therefore, we take priority in how we can keep their daily living environment unchanged.
To protect the various living environments of residents, I do my job by gathering information from the Group companies, and constantly think of better ways to a do things, which is quite fulfilling. I think we can contribute to society by providing the best quality for residents to live there comfortably long into the future.

Minakawa While our work may vary from Group company to Group company, I am convinced that at each site, we are all striving toward the corporate philosophy, “To contribute to society by creating an optimal environment.” This could be the basis of a smooth-working team.

Striving to achieve the 10 goals of the SDGs to become a company that meets society’s expectations

How will you tackle the SDGs as the Haseko Group?

Ito I was unfamiliar with the term SDGs at first. However, after finding out about the details, I felt that this is what we should prioritize. Out of 17 SDG goals, the Haseko Group has identified 10 goals that deeply relate to its business. Although all the goals are important, goal 11 “Sustainable cities and communities ” is a theme I can relate to and want to work on, as my department is in charge of management of for-sale condominiums. For maintaining the happy lives of people, it is important that the community is an attractive place. To create a lively community, we launched the “Mission Uchimizu (Water Sprinkling) at Condominiums” event every summer in 2008.
Residents of the same condominium, both young and old, casually engage in uchimizu (water sprinkling) and enjoy conversation. Although it was cancelled last year due to the spread of COVID-19, some 686,000 households have participated in this event ever since 2008. By planning various other events, we are continuing efforts to create communities for residents.

Hirai I also have my eyes on goal 11 “Sustainable cities and communities” as well as goal 15 “Life on land .” Concerning goal 11, frequent natural disasters are seen countrywide in recent years, and the Haseko Group needs to take urgent countermeasures as well. Once buildings suffer significant damage due to disasters, the value of the property will be impaired, and customers may lose trust in us. To avoid such a circumstance, the design unit has been constantly studying disaster-resilient buildings. So it is very much an action to be taken to achieve the goals of the SDGs.
Goal 15 “Life on land” can be tackled through the utilization of wood materials. While carbon neutrality is a hot topic, Japan has the problem of not fully making use of its domestically produced wood materials. Also for the purpose of maintaining and managing forests, I would like to further promote the use of wood materials, as an entity operating in the construction industry.

Ando As it will become difficult for us to receive orders without the ability to provide safe and secure buildings, goal 11 is deeply related to my operations. A redevelopment project supports the lives of people into the future, so the key is not only to consider just the housing, but also regional characteristics. In addition, rebuilding aged condominiums and creating easy-to-maintain condominiums will also lead to goal 11.

Komatsu I agree that disaster prevention measures are really important. At the same time, engaging in sustainable development that considers the environment is an important action toward achieving goal 11. Sohgoh Real Estate develops and sells Net Zero Energy House (ZEH) condominiums with higher insulation and energy saving performance.
For development projects other than for-sale condominiums as well, consideration for the environment is important as much as location and profitability. Housing starts today will take three or four years to be completed, when the bars may be raised further as regards environmental requirements.

Muraki Developing environmentally-friendly condominiums will lead to realizing goal 12 “Responsible consumption and production ” and is deeply connected to my work. As I offer repair work plans, how much we can prevent waste from being generated is always a big mission that has an impact on appeal to customers as well.
Generally speaking, large-scale repair works of condominiums shall be conducted every 12 years. Meanwhile, we are starting to propose to extend that cycle to 15 years, 18 years or longer. I think we can further work on future actions in consideration of achieving goal 12, including extending the service life of buildings through repair works using highly durable materials and methods as well as by selecting methods that eliminate industrial waste.

Comfortable and fulfilling workstyles, and further enriching life in collective housing

Toward 2030, what can we do for sustainable growth?

Komatsu I have a three-year old child. Teleworking has been introduced due to the spread of COVID-19, and the time formerly used in commuting can be applied to work. So, it has become easier for me to handle both child caring and working. People have different lifestyles; for example, their focus may be childcare, nursing care, or hobbies. Therefore, a flexible work environment where everyone can work comfortably regardless of time and place will be ideal in 2030. I believe this will realize goal 8 “Decent work and economic growth .”

Inada I am also interested in goal 8. I believe the Haseko Group, which has focused almost exclusively on condominiums, is required to take on the challenge of new business areas and business models. To this end, it is necessary to secure excellent personnel by creating a more attractive construction industry with higher job satisfaction.
I feel firsthand the aging of field workers on site and there is a sense of crisis. I think our responsibility to society in 2030 is to make this industry more appealing to the younger generation as a means to create a sustainable society.

Hirai Toward 2030, no doubt the aging of society with fewer children is a big issue. While newly-built condominiums are our current mainstay business, as the population declines, the renovation of buildings with existing residents and better use of resources will become even more important.
Going forward, the condominium industry needs to change the one-way flow from the upstream to the downstream to a mutual exchange between the two. I think there are unique areas where the Haseko Group can contribute as regards goal 11 “Sustainable cities and communities.”

Ando I agree. Participating in this round-table discussion, I got to know people from different departments and Group companies ranging from the upstream to the downstream as you mentioned, and hear opinions from different perspectives which, I feel, deepened my understanding of the SDGs. Considering future changes in society, there are many things the Haseko Group can do. I wish Haseko will evolve into a company which can take on community development based on the big picture reflecting the population problem and other changes in society.

Ito Today, merely expanding fiscal results will not suffice to be recognized as a blue-chip company. Companies will be asked how it contributes to society through its business. Thinking about the SDGs has changed my awareness. Going forward, I would like to start by conveying the importance of the SDGs to my colleagues and the younger generation in the Company to help each of them change their awareness too.

Minakawa In addition to being a top-notch condominium builder, by contributing to the SDGs, I would like the Haseko Group in 2030 to enhance customer satisfaction and be an enterprise with the number one brand that garners the largest expectation and trust of customers. I think it would be great if we can accommodate diverse lifestyles by leveraging the Group’s comprehensive capabilities.

  • Looking back on our history, the Haseko Group has created a new lifestyle of “living in collective housing” and made efforts to provide entailing services in various areas including management, repairs, renovation and relocation, as well as the Senior Business to support the elderly, insurance services and the personnel referral business. Indeed, over a long period of time, the Group has created a culture where people gather to live.
    Going forward, tackling the SDGs will make the Group stronger. In a global perspective, how about exporting to the world what we have accumulated in Japan?
    If we backcast starting from the new goals toward 2030 and steadily perform the next steps, our dreams of becoming a top runner that creates a future way of living will grow.