The Haseko Group has set ’’Haseko Group Long-Term Vision ~What the Company aims to Be for the fiscal year ending March 2030,’’ and engaging in the Medium-term Business Plan “Haseko Next Stage Plan (Plan NS)” from the fiscal year ended March 2021 to the fiscal year ending March 2025.

’’Haseko Group Long-Term Vision ~What the Company aims to Be for the fiscal year ending March 2030’’

Long-Term Vision and What the Company aims to be

Properly responding to changes in social conditions and aiming for sustainable growth, the Company will aim to make a further leap forward in a “corporate group for housing to create great living,” both in terms of physical products and services and know-how. The Company has set the time to achieve our goal in the fiscal year ending March 2030.

Outline of Medium-term Business Plan

The company set the medium-term business plan for five years until the fiscal year ending March 2025 as a path leading to the Long-Term Vision.

Target level

Investment plan

Financial Strategy and Shareholder Returns

  • Accelerate growth strategy investment and enhance shareholder returns while maintaining a strong financial base
  • Continue to pay stable dividends. In addition, share buyback is flexible, taking into account the business environment, growth investment opportunities, the Company's stock price level, and improving capital efficiency.

Shareholder return policy

  • ① Set the minimum annual dividend per share at 70 yen → Change the minimum annual dividend per share to 80 yen
  • ② Set the total return ratio calculated from the sum of net income attributable to owners of parent for 5 fiscal years at about 40%

Initiative of CSR management

We established “CSR Vision” and “CSR policy” in 2018 and set up management system to promote CSR in 2019. And we improved a system to address CSR throughout the Company group. We’ll promote activities according to the CSR action plan in line with the four CSR initiatives, with the goal of realizing “What the Company want to be in 2037” (100th anniversary.)

(Updated on May 18, 2023)

Previous Medium-Term Business Plan

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