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Supply chain

#Supply chain

Haseko Group’s supply chain

The strength of Haseko Group’s condominium business lies in its unique business model based on exclusive contracts under which land is provided, as well as the Group’s collective capabilities in terms of identifying customers’ needs through sales, management, repair, etc., passing this information on in the form of feedback, and reflecting it effectively in business proposals, product planning, design and construction quality.

Development takes a long period of time, and involves diverse stakeholders. In particular, we have established a highly efficient and precise execution supervision system to pursue quality jointly with our business partners, i.e., cooperating companies with whom we build high-quality condominiums.

Haseko Group’s organizational framework for promoting occupational health and safety
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Haseko Value Enhancement Activities driven by framework of cooperation among "four bodies"

Framework of cooperation among "four bodies"

Haseko Corporation is in charge of building condominiums with a high degree of precision through the combined efforts of the "four bodies" (i.e., the construction divisions, design divisions and technological promotion divisions of Haseko Corporation as well as "Ken-ei-kai", an organization of business partners consisting of 288 cooperating companies as of April 2019). This cooperative relationship has continued for more than 25 years, and our quality control framework built on strong ties is a strength that no other company has.

Our activities in pursuit of growth are conducted together with organizations of business partners, namely: "Koshokai" and "Koshokai Kansai" at Haseko Community, Inc.; "Tokyo Juyukai" and "Kansai Juyukai" at Haseko Reform, Inc.; and "Tokyo Kenshokai" and "Kansai Kenshokai" at Fuji Kensetsu Co., Ltd.

Framework of "four bodies"

Haseko Value Enhancement Activities

Value enhancement activities are activities to provide high-quality condominiums with the aim of clarifying the responsible construction scope, saving labor and improving work efficiency and improving the Haseko brand based on cooperation between the technology-related divisions and Ken-ei-kai. Activities that are currently being promoted include initiatives to improve operational efficiency through the utilization of cutting-edge technologies as well as initiatives to further boost productivity aimed at instilling activities toward "Workstyle Reform," which may be regarded as an industry-wide challenge. The outcome of activities are shared at the "Debriefing Session on Value Enhancement Activities" held once a year, in pursuit of "succession," "widespread acceptance" and "collaboration" at a deeper level.

Organizational framework of "Haseko Value Enhancement Committee"