Building a company worth working at
Personnel development and technology succession

We offer our employees various learning opportunities by way of personnel development, career development and other means so that each and every employee can play an active role in their workplace.

Personnel development

Group's educational policy

In fiscal 2020, we revamped the Haseko Group Personnel Plan in step with the start of a new Medium-term Business Plan (NS Plan). Under the education slogan of “continuously produce independent individuals and nurture a diverse workforce that will shape the future of Haseko,” we will work to build human resources and organization required for achieving the NS Plan goals.

In fiscal 2024, we will actively make “investment in human assets” to boost corporate value and also to overcome difficulties. In addition, we will develop various initiatives to enable each and every employee to experience personal growth and job satisfaction.

Haseko Corporation's education system

In addition to fostering autonomous human resources and career development, we will implement various initiatives such as DX education, the development of innovative human resources and global human resources, and human rights and D&I education.

  1. Executive Leader Development Program
    • We conduct selective training programs by job level in order to nurture the next-generation of executive leaders as a company targeting sustainable growth. The programs are intended to develop the consciousness and skills of participants at each level based on their roles and responsibilities. They also aim for participants to have the necessary vision of future executive leaders. When selecting employees, we actively seek out talented female employees from the standpoint of diversity.
  2. Manager training
    • Managers, who are at the core of organization and human resources development, have an extremely important role to play. We have newly established D&I training and shall support managers working to foster a culture and workplace where every employee is motivated to work.
  3. Autonomous human resources development program and career education
    • We develop autonomous human resources who “can think and act on their own and create their own future” in the first 10 years after joining the Company.
    • We offer career education in the 4th and 7th year training sessions. We promote “career autonomy,” in which employees have a clear vision of their future by taking inventory of their working experiences.
    • We regard retaining young and mid-level employees, who will lead the Haseko Group in the future, as a top priority. We implement a Be3 system (a support system for employees within three years of joining the Company) together with other employees in the workplace.
  4. Education for DX, innovative, and global human resources
    • We have newly established training to bolster the DX literacy of all employees as well as to foster transformational leaders as we push for further DX utilization.
    • We are engaging in innovative education to develop human resources and foster an organizational culture in order to take up the challenge in new business areas.
    • We offer English training to selected employees who have applied for it in order to form the basis of our global human resources in line with our aim to expand our businesses overseas.
  5. Practical education
    • We implement the curriculum for enhancing the practical knowledge set by each company and division to enable young employees, who are key to achieving our business plans, to become full-fledged and play an active role as soon as possible.
    • By having in-house instructors in charge of the programs, we also aim to visualize expertise and to pass on skills and know-how to the next generation of employees.
    • We provide considerable support measures, in addition to communication between supervisors and subordinates, in order for employees to obtain major qualifications as soon as possible.
  6. Training for all employees
    • We offer the Haseko Business College, a self-learning platform for all employees at all companies to improve their practical skills on their own and to acquire knowledge and skills for the future.
    • To build the foundations for becoming a company of choice, we provide training on human rights, risk management, compliance, and D&I to a broad spectrum of employees.

■Key qualification acceptance rate statistics in fiscal 2023

Real estate notary qualification (new administrative employees) First class architect qualification Class-1 building work execution supervisors qualification
95.5% 47.2% 87.5%
All Haseko Group
86.6% 44.8% 78.4%

■Number of employees with certifications in fiscal 2023

Real estate notary qualification First class architect qualification Class-1 building work execution supervisors qualification Licensed representatives of condominium management companies Certified property manager
984 675 863 43 12
All Haseko Group
3,401 849 1,288 1,056 500

* Current data as of March 1, 2024
* For first class architect and real estate notary qualifications, figures include employees who have passed exams.
*All Haseko Group companies: Covers Haseko Corporation, 84 subsidiaries, and nine affiliate companies.

Technology succession: Next-generation development support

Award ceremony of 16th “Haseko Residential Design Competition”

Haseko Corporation has been holding the “Haseko Living Design Competition” targeting students across Japan, with the aim of fostering young people who wish to work in the world of architecture. The competition, held since 2007, invites submission of apartment building designs derived from freewheeling thinking unique to students, under a theme that reflects the social challenges and trends of the times.
The theme for fiscal 2022 was “circulating collective housing,” which considers proposals for housing complexes that may explore new possible ways of responding to the environment. There was a total of 184 entries submitted (from 368 entrants). At the open judging session for the second round, we selected one first prize winner and three excellence award winners through presentations made by the four finalists who had passed the first round, and interviews and screening processes by the judges.
We will continue this program as a way to raise public interest in home and living, and cultivate talented students. (In fiscal 2023, the 17th year, we have begun accepting applications under the theme of “mixed collective housing.”)

16th Haseko Residential Design Competition
The “Haseko Residential Design Competition” is certified as a Mecenat (a concept of promoting creation of a society through support of the arts and culture) Activity under This Is MECENAT 2023 organized by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts.
Related information

Supporting the “Architectural Workshop MIYAJIMA”

Fujikensetsu Co., Ltd. is a supporter of the Architectural Workshop organized by Art & Architect Festa (AAF), an incorporated NPO. The purpose of this workshop is for the students majoring in architecture, environmental design and other disciplines “to build tangible pieces of work rooted in the unique features of the venue” under the guidance of instructors, mainly architects active in Japan and abroad. In fiscal 2022, the workshop was held at Itsukushima Shrine, and two design employees from Fujikensetsu Co., Ltd. participated as advisors. To create a small architectural space based on the historical context of Itsukushima Shrine, the 53 students from universities across Japan had prepared since June 2022 through site surveys and production camps. Their eight works were presented on August 28, 2022, with approximately 300 people attending.

The display

Public presentation at Itsukushima Shrine