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Personnel development and technology succession

We offer our employees various learning opportunities by way of personnel development, career development and other means so that each and every employee can play an active role in their workplace.

Personnel development

Group's educational policy

In fiscal 2020, we revamped the Haseko Group Personnel Plan in step with the start of a new Medium-term Business Plan (NS Plan). Under the education slogan of “continuously produce independent individuals and nurture a diverse workforce that will shape the future of Haseko,” we will work to build human resources and organization required for achieving the NS Plan goals.

In fiscal 2021, while maintaining the education slogan of the previous year, we will promote human resource development by proactively introducing new training methods, such as a system for disseminating the latest information, including DX, and online and video lectures.

Haseko Corporation's education system

Training independent individuals

We have introduced a program for training independent individuals targeted at employees ranging from new recruits to employees who have been working for up to 10 years. In the first year of joining the Company, employees acquire the awareness and skills as a member of society through induction training in April, interval training in July and follow-up training in January. Training sessions are conducted by dividing the period up to the ninth year of employment into three, three-year stages, based on the following themes: "sense of ownership," "ability to be the driving force by getting others involved" and "leadership and problem-solving ability." After the training sessions, each employee prepares a goal-setting sheet (OJT sheet) and his/her growth is facilitated through the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle while he/she communicates with his/her boss throughout the year.

Career development

We implement "CAP-10" as an initiative for each and every employee to formulate his/her career plan and check individual progress. Targeted at employees who celebrated their 10th and 20th anniversaries of employment and employees who reached the age of 50 and 60, they share their career vision through boss-subordinate dialog held once at each 10-year milestone. Employees determine their career direction and develop the means to refine their capabilities to fulfill their career direction. In fiscal 2020, we will start providing joint cross-industry training and training through secondment, to continue to nurture a diverse workforce that will shape the future of Haseko.

Technology succession: Next-generation development support

Award ceremony of 14th “Haseko Residential Design Competition”

Haseko Corporation has been holding the “Haseko Living Design Competition” targeting students across Japan, with the aim of fostering young people who wish to work in the world of architecture. The competition, held since 2007, invites submission of apartment building designs derived from freewheeling thinking unique to students, under a theme that reflects the social challenges and trends of the times.
The theme for fiscal 2020 was “Collective Living” to think about ideal apartment buildings amid the transition in our lifestyle resulting from the spread of COVID-19. There was a total of 325 entries submitted (from 680 entrants). At the open judging session for the second round held online, we selected a first prize winner and three excellence award winners through presentations made by the four finalists who had passed the first round, and interviews and screening processes by the judges.
We will continue this program as a way to raise public interest in home and living, and cultivate talented students.

14th Haseko Living Design Competition
The “Haseko Living Design Competition” is certified as a Mecenat (a concept of promoting creation of a society through support of the arts and culture) Activity under This Is MECENAT 2021 organized by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts.
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Supporting the Architectural Workshop Todaiji 2020

Fujikensetsu Co., Ltd. is a supporter of the Architectural Workshop organized by Art & Architect Festa (AAF), an incorporated NPO. The purpose of this workshop is for the students majoring in architecture, environmental design and other disciplines “to build tangible pieces of work rooted in the unique features of the venue” under the guidance of instructors, mainly architects active in Japan and abroad. In fiscal 2020, the Workshop was held in the area around Todaiji, attended by two young designers at Fujikensetsu as advisors. Students engaged in a series of preparatory work beginning in June 2020, from site surveys to a production camp, to create a small architectural space based on the historical context that goes back to ancient times. Eight pieces of work were shown at the open presentation on September 20, 2020.

The display
The display
Open presentation
Open presentation at Todaiji