Building a company worth working at
Enabling the flourishing of diverse talent

The Haseko Group is striving to develop an environment in which a diverse range of people can demonstrate their individual characteristics and capabilities and thrive regardless of their races, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identity, ages, religions or disabilities.

#Enabling the flourishing of diverse talent

Active participation of personnel in overseas representative offices

Haseko Corporation currently runs overseas businesses in the United States (Hawaii), Vietnam, and Indonesia. Upon expanding into these regions, we have established a local representative office, where we not only assign employees from Japan to take up a post but also hire local staff.

We have led the businesses to success by understanding each other’s way of thinking, culture and how to get the job done, which vary from place to place.

A meeting held in Hawaii
Safety morning assembly in Vietnam
#Enabling the flourishing of diverse talent

Promoting employment of disabled persons

In 1991, Haseko Corporation established Haseko Systems, Inc. as a special subsidiary. We obtained certification under the "special subsidiary system (group application)" in 2009, and have 127 disabled persons playing an active role in the Haseko Group. (as of June 1, 2019)

Going forward, we will continue making efforts to expand occupational fields for the employment of disabled persons.

#Enabling the flourishing of diverse talent

Active participation of senior personnel

As efforts to adapt to the era of aging population in Japan, we believe it is important to secure and promptly train new recruits as a going concern and utilize the wealth of experience, skills and know-how of seniors on an ongoing basis to prepare against the aging population and declining birth rate. The Haseko Group has been one of the first organizations to work on the active participation of the elderly, having increased the mandatory retirement age from 60 to 65 in 2005, in view of such factors as developments in the legal system to adapt to the aging society and the effective utilization of human resources (as of March 31, 2019, approx. 142 employees are actively working for a certain period of time even after mandatory retirement).

In the condominium management business, many seniors with extensive life experience (approx. 5,500 persons) are playing an active role to support condominium management and condominium residents in their daily lives as "life managers" (administration staff).

In 2014, we introduced "Training Workshops for 60-year-old Employees," in which we give such employees the opportunity to look back at their corporate lives and think about how they can make the most of their career, what they can pass on to their successors, and what would be helpful in giving guidance to them. We also provide such employees with support in the five-year period until mandatory retirement so that they can engage in their main job and the training of their successors with a high level of motivation.