Protecting the precious environment
Social evaluation of environmental preservation activities

Social evaluation of environmental activities

Prize-winner of the 21st “Environmental and Equipment Design Award”

“LEAFIA Residence Hashimoto” (owner: Odakyu Real Estate, Sekisui House, TC Kobelco Real Estate), for which our company handled design and construction, was awarded the “Environmental and Equipment Design Award” at the Association of Building Engineering and Equipment’s 21st Environmental and Equipment Design Award in 2023.
In the field of building equipment, the evaluation is implemented on four axes, focusing on “sensitivity” such as aesthetics, adding “functionality,” “economy” and “sociality”. Every year, awards are given in three divisions (I: Component & Equipment/System Design Division; II: Building and Equipment Integrated Design Division; and III: City and Landscape Design Division).
The property comprises approximately 1 ha of privately owned green space that cannot be altered, excepting administrative reasons. After consultations with Machida City, residents’ conservation activities were approved. The architectural plan including these activities with added value of the privately owned green space was appraised.

LEAFIA Residence Hashimoto

Panel for first round of public review

Prize-winner of the 16th Osaka Yuryo Ryokka (“Excellent Greening”) Award, Osaka Governor’s Award

“PARK HOMES Senri Chuo The Residence Parkside” (Toyonaka City, Osaka; total 181 units), owned by Sohgoh Real Estate and for which Haseko Corporation handled design and construction, won the Osaka Governor’s Award at the 16th Osaka Yuryo Ryokka (“Excellent Greening") Award in FY2022. The Award recognizes building owners who have done outstanding work in helping to improve the urban environment and attractiveness among greening projects applied under the system to promote greening on building sites under the Osaka Prefectural Government’s nature conservation ordinance, and its purpose is to raise building owners’ desire to green their facilities and promote the widespread adoption of green technology.
The condominium is a 13-story, RC construction communal housing complex, and 12 minutes’ walk from the “Senri-Chuo Station” on the Kita-Osaka Kyuko Namboku Line. It is the first mixed-use redevelopment project in Senri New Town and the first construction zone was completed in March 2021. In March 2023, new construction began of a for-sale condominium located in the West 1st Zone, the final construction zone of this redevelopment project. The condominium is scheduled to be completed in March 2025 and will create a lush green townscape with two buildings by a continuous tree planting plan.

PARK HOMES Senri Chuo The Residence Parkside

“Heat Pump Floor Heating System with Air Conditioning” Wins Two Prizes: the Minister of the Environment’s Award and Energy Conservation Grand Prize

“Heat Pump Floor Heating System with Air Conditioning” jointly developed with Corona Corporation won 2019 Minister of the Environment’s Award for Global Warming Prevention Activities (Technology Development and Product Commercialization Category) and the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Director General’s Award of 2019 Energy Conservation Grand Prize.

While a heat pump has been drawing attention as a technology with high energy-saving performance, not many condominiums have installed heat pumps partly due to the difficulty of securing space for outdoor units.

In light of such issue, we worked on the development and commercialization of this product that realizes ZEH (Net Zero Energy House) and space saving. It provides both the quick heating an air conditioning offers and the comfort of floor heating system by a single heat pump compressor unit which enables integrated controls of air conditioning and warm water floor heating system. The strength of this product is its high environmental performance and energy efficiency, and thus, it can contribute to further adoption of ZEH for condominiums.

Award ceremony

Properties designed and constructed by the Group have also won the following awards.

The 11th “Edogawa-ku Landscape and Town Development Award”, Townscape Architecture Category
Encouragement Award of the 16th Osaka “Yuryo Ryokka (“Excellent Greening”) Award”
“Osaka Governor’s Award” of the 15th Osaka Yuryo Ryokka (“Excellent Greening”) Award
Excellence Award of the Second “ABI NC Award”
Chairman’s Award and Encouragement Award in the category of Emission/Transportation Reduction of “2019 Kinki Construction Recycling Award”
Excellence Plan Award of the 11th Sai-no-Kuni Midori-no Yushu Plan Award
Housing Division Award of 2019 Osaka Environmentally Friendly Architecture Award
Osaka Governor’s Award and Encouragement Award of the 13th Osaka Yuryo Ryokka ('Excellent Greening') Award