Nurturing a culture of trust
Respect of human rights

Basic approach to human rights

The Haseko Group explicitly states "respect of human rights" in the Haseko Group Standards of Conduct. We will instill the Standards in the Group so that each and every employee of the Group will deepen his/her understanding of human rights and engage in operations with a high level of awareness at all times.

Haseko Group Standards of Conduct (excerpt)

2. Basic behavioral stance
(4) Respect of human rights
We shall respect the fundamental human rights of all people in all our business activities, and shall not discriminate against people based on race, nationality, birth, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, or any other reason, nor shall we commit any act that undermines the dignity of individuals.

Initiatives for respecting human rights

As part of its efforts to develop awareness of human rights, the Haseko Group distributes a textbook on human rights in the induction training of new employees.

Furthermore, the Haseko Group prohibits all employees including temporary staff and part-time workers from performing any act that corresponds to harassment under its employment regulations, etc. In order to prevent harassment, we periodically conduct education in the form of e-learning targeted at employees, and raise their awareness through the “Compliance Bulletin” distributed to employees and in-house posters. In addition, we have internal and external points of contact in the whistle-blowing system that respond to employees’ requests for advice about harassment.

We also consider the freedom of association, the right to organize, the right to collective bargaining, and the right to act collectively as the basic elements that corporations should respect, and have stipulated provisions to that effect under collective labor agreements.