Nurturing a culture of trust
Information disclosure and stakeholder engagement

We set a high value on conversations with stakeholders to enhance businesses and CSR activities.

Conversations with stakeholders

Constructive conversations with shareholders, institutional investors, and analysts

Aiming for the sustainable creation of the corporate value, the Company proactively converses with its shareholders, institutional investors, and analysts and holds a variety of explanatory meetings, such as financial results briefing in which the President himself participates (twice a year in May and November).

In addition, it discloses information in a fair and timely manner as exemplified by the posting of the summaries of accounts, financial results reports, annual securities reports, and annual reports and the timely disclosure of materials on its website.

Examples of communication with stakeholders

Communication at Haseko Condominium Museum

Haseko Condominium Museum opened in Tama City, Tokyo in 2018 as part of the Haseko Group’s 80th anniversary projects.

It is the first condominium museum in Japan in which visitors can see, touch, feel, and learn various things about condominiums, including the history of condominiums and transition of floor plans as well as design, construction, repair, and rebuilding of condominiums.

A variety of people, including community residents, business partners, and persons engaged in domestic and foreign housing industry, visit Haseko Condominium Museum.

Additionally, more and more third parties visit the museum for training purposes in addition to visits by our new employees and staff of the Group companies for their training purpose, resulting in a total of 5,384 visitors in fiscal 2019.

As a special exhibition, the Company has been holding the “Condominium disaster prevention exhibition” since September 2019. At the exhibition, the Company has videos and display panels about the history of earthquakes, development of condominium structures, efforts in mutual aid, future disaster-proof condominiums, etc. as well as hands out disaster preparedness manuals, in which useful information for daily life is also included, to all the visitors.

The Company intends to continuously develop the museum as an information dissemination hub to ensure that the visitors can recognize the deep history of multiple-family dwelling houses and how interesting the creation of condominiums is.

Note: As precaution measures against COVID-19, the Company ensures that disinfectant treatment and ventilation in the museum, monitoring of the staff members’ physical conditions through fever screening, and other sanitary measures are strictly implemented. (As of July 2020)

"History of condominiums" zone: A presentation on the transition of condominiums in Japan and the rest of the world
Special exhibition “Condominium disaster prevention exhibition”

Held the 2nd Haseko Housing Fair in which visitors can consult anything about housing

The Haseko Group held the second Haseko Housing Fair from February 7 to 9, 2020. The objective of this fair is to inform that the Group provides services that can help with customers’ troubles or respond to their request about their housing, such as the management, remodeling, and sales of their residences, by using its comprehensive capability. The event welcomed 517 groups of visitors, including customers of the Group companies and residents of the managed properties. In addition, the Group invited people from the local neighborhood association and provided them with disaster preparation supplies as part of interaction with the local community.