Nurturing a culture of trust
CSR education and training

We encourage every employee to engage in CSR activities by creating an appropriate working environment and educating and raising awareness of our employees.

CSR Education and Training

Based on its CSR Vision and CSR Policy, the Haseko Group is working on education and training about CSR within the Group in order to ensure that all Group employees understand CSR and practice it in their daily work.

In fiscal 2019, we held a lecture meeting on CSR for general Group employees and conducted e-learning for all Group employees.

The Haseko Group will continue to proactively introduce the latest CSR trends and examples of CSR activities within the Group by using company newsletters or the intranet, and to provide education and conduct awareness-raising activities that lead to actions by each employee.

CSR lecture meeting (August 2019)
CSR e-learning (December 2019)