Nurturing a culture of trust
Supply chain management

The Haseko Group promotes multiple initiatives to fulfill its social responsibility across the entire supply chain.

Promotion of CSR Procurement

Major points of the “Haseko Group CSR Procurement Guidelines”

The Haseko Group has established the “Haseko Group CSR Procurement Guidelines” to fulfill its social responsibility across the entire supply chain. The Group will work to meet the demands of society by having Group companies follow these guidelines in procuring materials, labor and other resources, while also asking its business partners (includes not only suppliers, but also all entities with whom the Group does business, such as subcontractors and agents) to observe these guidelines in their business activities. The Haseko Group has had a written consent on the Guidelines from its main business partners (member companies of Group companies’ organization of cooperative companies), and are working on the incorporation of additional terms into contracts to clarify the requests to comply with the Guidelines.

     The Haseko Group CSR Procurement Guidelines [PDF: 103KB ]   

 The Haseko Group CSR Procurement Guidelines (Explanation) [PDF: 828KB ]

Verification of action taken by business partners

To verify the status of our business partners’ compliance with the “Haseko Group CSR Procurement Guidelines”, we conducted a questionnaire, using a self-checklist from FY2022, and verified that, overall, appropriate action is being taken.

Overview of self-checklist of the “Haseko Group CSR Procurement Guidelines”(FY2023)

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Companies surveyed All member companies of the Ken-ei-kai, Ken-sho-kai,Shinwakai, Ju-yu-kai, Ko-sho-kai
Survey period  July–August 2023
Description The survey was conducted to have business partners complete the self-checklist on the status of their compliance with each item of the “Haseko Group CSR Procurement Guidelines” and share the results with the Company.

*Each organization comprises the partner companies of the following Group companies.
◆Ken-ei-kai:Haseko Corporation ◆Ken-sho-kai:Fuji Kensetsu ◆Shinwakai:Hosoda Corporation ◆Ju-yu-kai:Haseko Reform Inc. ◆Ko-sho-kai:Haseko Community, Inc.

In addition to the self-checklist mentioned above, we also conducted a questionnaire on wood traceability and a questionnaire on the treatment of foreign technical intern trainees employed by partner companies (see the “Respect of Human Rights” page for details).

Related Information

Declaration of Partnership Building

Having joined the “Declaration of Partnership Building” initiative established by Japan’s Cabinet Office, we will strive for co-existence and co-prosperity with business partners while working to increase added value across the entire value chain.