Nurturing a culture of trust
Promotion of social contribution activities

The Company cherishes the connection with the local community and promotes social contribution activities proactively.

Helping resolve regional issues

Promotion of Asuka Village projects

For more information related to the promotion of the Asuka Village projects, click the link below.

Major activities to date

Hosoda Corporation: Regional coexistence activities in the neighborhood of Asagaya, Tokyo

Hosoda Corporation has been promoting active participation in and living together with the local community of Asagaya, Suginami City, Tokyo, where its head office is located, as a good corporate citizen through such efforts as organizing cultural exchange initiatives to promote artistic and cultural activities and hosting seminars and events to support people’s lives, with the aim of realizing comfortable and affluent communities and societies and their sustainable development.

Contribution to improving the QOL (Quality Of Life) and revitalizing the local community

Hosoda Corporation is working to help improve the QOL of local people and revitalize the community by actively engaging in local events, providing knowledge and information about houses and living, and extending assistance to resolve annoyances and inconveniences in daily life.

Major activities to date

・Implementing tours to learn about the structure of houses
・Woodwork experience events and visits to local elementary schools to give woodworking lessons
・Holding events and seminars to support people’s living and houses
・Assistance extended by the “House and Living Support Office” to help solve inconveniences and flaws of houses and annoyances related to houses and living in general
・Participation in and sponsoring of local events such as Asagaya Star Festival and Asagaya Jazz Street

Support for artistic and cultural activities

Hoping to provide opportunities for local people to enjoy arts and cultures in their community, Hosoda Corporation is supporting various art and culture events by utilizing its local network.

Major activities to date

・Hosting “Row of Zelkova Serrata Concert” with musicians from various genres and lectures about music
・Participation in the secretariat for “Asagaya Traditional Masked Dance-Drama,” an art event featuring Japanese traditional culture
・Provision of venues for local private-public joint events, such as Asagaya Jazz Streets and symposiums hosted by Suginami-ku, Tokyo
・Sponsorship as a naming rights partner for the City Lobby Concert hosted by Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Visits to local elementary schools to give lessons
“House and Living Support Office”
“Asagaya Traditional Masked Dance-Drama”
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Participating in regional cleaning activities and campaigns

The Haseko Group pairticipates in cleaning and other activities in the region closely related to its business activities

Major activities
  • Neighborhood of Shiba Head Office: Shiba District Clean Campaign
  • Neighborhood of the Hiranomachi Building in Osaka: Osaka City-Wide “CLEAN-UP” Campaign
  • Voluntary clean-up activities in the neighborhoods of the Company’s offices, construction sites, and model rooms, etc.
    Activities in fiscal 2020: (1) Participation in Osaka City-Wide “CLEAN-UP” Campaign (Haseko Group), (2) Clean-up of neighborhoods surrounding construction sites (Haseko Corporation’s construction sites), (3) Implementing Nakaoe Park clean-up activities (HASEKO REFORM), (4) Implementing clean-up activities in the neighborhood of the office in Okinawa region (Haseko Corporation Okinawa Sales Office, Haseko Real Estate Development Okinawa Sales Office, and HASEKO COMMUNITY OKINAWA Inc.), (5) Implementing clean-up activities in the neighborhood of the Kansai Equipment Center (Haseko-tecno Corporation).

Cooperating in blood donation

As a "corporate blood donation supporter" of the Japanese Red Cross Society, we runa blood donation campaign each year. In fiscal 2020, we ran a blood donation campaign twice each at Shiba Head Office Building in Tokyo and Hiranomachi Building in Osaka, in which a total of 267 employees donated their blood.

Haseko Philanthropic Activity Commendation Scheme

The Haseko Group is striving to further invigorate philanthropic activities based on the view that employees' voluntary efforts in social activities will lead to a higher awareness of social issues, help create more value in business activities, and realize a sustainable society.

With the objective of raising the awareness of each employee and clarifying the assessment of philanthropic activities at individual and company levels,we operate the "Haseko Philanthropic Activity Commendation Scheme," under which employees and organizations that have engaged in particularly outstanding activities are commended and presented with a letter of appreciation.

The Company will work to further revitalize the Haseko Group’s philanthropic activities by leveraging its system.

Donation and sponsorship

The Haseko Group Sponsors the Prince Chichibu Cup 53rd All Japan Intercollegiate Ekiden Relay Race as a Special Sponsor.

The Haseko Group will sponsor the “Prince Chichibu Cup 53rd All Japan Intercollegiate Ekiden Relay Race,” scheduled to be held on November 7, 2021, as a special sponsor. The Group began to engage in this special sponsorship in 2019, and this is the third time supporting the event in this way.
For the race in fiscal 2020, Group employees refrained from visiting the venue to cheer from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of COVID-19, and instead they showed support by sending mineral water in PET bottles labeled with their words of encouragement for participants.
Trial races were held at eight venues in various regions of Japan from June to September to select finalists for the fiscal 2021 race. The Group will show support from these trials through the final round by airing a television commercial featuring this relay race and donating mementos from the Haseko Group.
All Group employees will work together to support this event through this special sponsorship and contribute to the promotion of sports and the development of local communities.

The 52nd All Japan Intercollegiate Ekiden Relay Race
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Participation in Open House Osaka

Open House Osaka is an architectural event showcasing attractive architecture in Osaka on a weekend in the fall of every year, and the Company has participated in this event since 2019.
The Company took part in Open House Osaka for its second time in 2020, and it was held online to adapt to the new normal. The Company presented the profile of Tatsuno Hiranomachi Building, which accommodates the Company’s Osaka Head Office where the Company is working to create new designs for condominiums. The Company will continue to offer programs to allow visitors to feel and experience new condominium lifestyles proposed by Haseko, which is famous for its condominium.

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Donation of "Kodomo no Hon no Mori ('Forest of Children's Books'): Nakanoshima"

Since 2018, Haseko Corporation has been making a donation to "Kodomo Hon no Mori ('Forest of Children's Books'): Nakanoshima," a library facility designed and constructed by architect Tadao Ando to be donated to Osaka City based on his wish to have the facility utilized to nurture children's rich sensibility and creativity through books, art and culture. We plan to continue the donation for five years, which will be utilized for the purchase of books, as well as the management and administration of the facility.
In addition, as the TRC & Haseko meet BACH consortium has been appointed as designated administrator for this library and “Kodomo Hon no Mori ('Forest of Children's Books'): Kobe,” which is scheduled to open in 2022, the Company will also provide support with the operation of these facilities.



SEIJI OZAWA MATSUMOTO FESTIVAL is an international music festival held as Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto named after the late Hideo Saito, one of the greatest educators of music. The Festival has been held every summer in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture since 1992, highlighting conductor Seiji Ozawa and Saito Kinen Orchestra.

Haseko Corporation has been sponsoring the Festival since its inception, having endorsed its objective of opening an international music festival in Japan, developing the next generation of young musicians and supporting the education of elementary and middle school students in the musical arts. Through our sponsorship of the Festival, we will continue to work toward the development of artistic and cultural activities.

Workforce and expenditures used for philanthropic activities

The workforce and expenditures used by the Group for philanthropic activities for the past four years are as follows:

This table can be scrolled

(Fiscal year) 2017 2018 2019 2020
Expenditures used for philanthropic activities
(Million yen)
60 156 367 87
Workforce used for philanthropic activities
(Cumulative number of persons)
1,182 1,401 2,095 704