Nurturing a culture of trust
Promotion of philanthropic activities

The Company cherishes the connection with the local community and promotes social contribution activities proactively.

Helping resolve regional issues

Promotion of Asuka Village projects

Asuka Village, which is located in the central part of Nara Prefecture, is also known as "the Spiritual Home of Japan" due to the fact that it is the birthplace of Japan's framework as a nation based on ritsuryo (i.e., legal codes of the Nara and Heian eras) and is home to historical relics of the Asuka era which blend into the surrounding natural environment. Haseko Corporation has been engaging in activities to support Asuka Village since 2015, including selling vegetables sourced from the Village in condominiums managed by the Haseko Group. In September 2017, we signed the "Framework Agreement on Private-Public Cooperation" with Asuka Village and the Asuka Village Regional Development Corporation with the aim of collaborating with each other in activities to preserve the history of the ancient capital of Asuka as well as industrial and regional revitalization projects for Asuka Village. We will promote three projects based on the themes "Enjoying the charm of Asuka Village," "Experiencing Asuka Village" and "Living in Asuka Village," and thereby contribute toward activities to preserve the history of the ancient capital of Asuka as well as industrial and regional revitalization of Asuka Village.

Tax donation to Asuka Village through Furusato Nozei ('hometown tax donation') program

We will donate tax annually to Asuka Village for three years from 2018 by utilizing the "corporate Furusato Nozei ('hometown tax donation')" program.

In fiscal 2019, we donated to the project to enhance the attractiveness of areas surrounding Asuka Station and a regional revitalization marathon project. The donations are being used for (1) equipment maintenance within agriculture promotional facilities, (2) restoration and maintenance of ancient burial mounds, and (3) operations related to the Asuka Half Marathon.

Won the second Minister Award Related to Tax System Supporting Regional Revitalization

The Company won the second Minister Award Related to Tax System Supporting Regional Revitalization (Corporate Hometown Tax Donation), which is sponsored by the Cabinet Office.

This award is given to local public entities and corporations for their remarkable achievements in the utilization of the tax system supporting regional revitalization (corporate version of hometown tax) and for their activities considered role models for other entities. The Company won this award because it was highly evaluated for its efforts in a regional revitalization plan “Project to enhance the attractiveness of areas surrounding Asuka Station,” for which Asuka Village (Village Mayor: Yuichi Morikawa) obtained authorization from the Cabinet office.

Award ceremony

“Haseko Asuka Village Community Farm”-Rental Farm for Condominium Residents

HASEKO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT HOLDINGS INC. opened the rental farm “Haseko Asuka Village Community Farm” in May 2018 as part of its effort to offer residents an opportunity to experience the scenery and agriculture of Asuka Village. In fiscal 2019, a total of 2,095 persons took part in company-hosted CSR activities and individual volunteer activities, with five philanthropic activities as part of corporate activities. Going forward, we will continue to operate the Scheme to further boost philanthropic activities in the Haseko Group.

Haseko Asuka Village Community Farm
Potato digging experience

Participating in regional cleaning activities and campaigns

The Haseko Group pairticipates in cleaning and other activities in the region closely related to its business activities

Dates Region Description of activities Number of participants
Activities in fiscal 2019
Oct. 10
Feb. 18
Tokyo Shiba District Clean Campaign 105
Nov. 26
Nov. 28
Kansai Osaka Marathon 'Cleanup' Mission 568
May. 30
Jun. 6
Kansai G20 Osaka Summit "Clean UP" Mission 584

Cooperating in blood donation

As a "corporate blood donation supporter" of the Japanese Red Cross Society, we runa blood donation campaign each year. In fiscal 2019, we ran a blood donation campaign twice each at Shiba Head Office Building in Tokyo and Hiranomachi Building in Osaka, in which a total of 338 employees donated their blood.

Haseko Philanthropic Activity Commendation Scheme

The Haseko Group is striving to further invigorate philanthropic activities based on the view that employees' voluntary efforts in social activities will lead to a higher awareness of social issues, help create more value in business activities, and realize a sustainable society.

With the objective of raising the awareness of each employee and clarifying the assessment of philanthropic activities at individual and company levels,we operate the "Haseko Philanthropic Activity Commendation Scheme," under which employees and organizations that have engaged in particularly outstanding activities are commended and presented with a letter of appreciation. In fiscal 2019, a total of 2,095 persons took part in company-hosted CSR activities and individual volunteer activities, and three organizations engaged in philanthropic activities as part of corporate activities. Among them, six persons and one organizations were commended for engaging in activities in a particularly proactive manner.

Going forward, we will continue to operate the Scheme to further boost philanthropic activities in the Haseko Group.

Donation and sponsorship

Completion of HASEKO-KUMA HALL

Haseko donated its design and construction services to the University of Tokyo for the renovation of the lecture hall and lounge of its Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 11. “HASEKO-KUMA HALL,” which opened in January 2020 as a new hub for communication and exchange.

The designing and basic architecture of the hall was created by Kengo Kuma, Professor at the School of Engineering of the university, who has profound companionship with the Company through student development activities, such as “Haseko Residential Design Competition” of which he was the head of the selection committee. Execution design and construction was carried out jointly by Haseko and its Group company HASEKO REFORM.

In performing the renovation work, the Company focused on not disturbing campus users and improving security, comfort, and functionality of the renovation utilizing the knowledge and experiences that have been accumulated through its business activities, aiming for the creation of space where students can study and rest more comfortably with a sense of security.

Hall reborn after renovation
Lounge BOX 41, where research results produced by students are displayed

First participation in Open House Osaka

Open House Osaka is an architectural event showcasing attractive architectures in Osaka on a weekend of fall every year.

In 2019, the Company participated in this event for the first time. On the day of the festival, the Company opened to the visitors HASEKO GALLERY OSAKA situated at the lobby on the first floor of the Hiranomachi Building, in which its Osaka Head Office is located, and the condominium design presentation space LIPS on the sixth floor of the building to allow them to feel and experience the condominium lifestyle proposed by Haseko, which is famous for its condominiums.

Donation of "Kodomo no Hon no Mori ('Forest of Children's Books'): Nakanoshima"

Since 2018, Haseko Corporation has been making a donation to "Kodomo Hon no Mori ('Forest of Children's Books'): Nakanoshima (tentative name)," a library facility designed and constructed by architect Tadao Ando to be donated to Osaka City based on his wish to have the facility utilized to nurture children's rich creativity through books, art and culture. We plan to continue the donation for five years, which will be utilized for the purchase of books at the library facility to be operated as a place for developing the creativity and sensitivity of the children in Osaka, as well as the management and administration of the facility.

Sponsorship of World Masters Games 2021 Kansai

We sponsor the World Masters Games 2021 Kansai as a major partner, with the objective of creating a new image as a health management company. Let's liven up the Games while aiming to maintain and improve the health of all officers and employees through lifelong sports.

*This event has been rescheduled to 2022.



SEIJI OZAWA MATSUMOTO FESTIVAL is an international music festival held as Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto named after Hideo Saito, one of the greatest educators of music. The Festival has been held every summer in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture since 1992, highlighting Seiji Ozawa and Saito Kinen Orchestra.

Haseko Corporation has been sponsoring the Festival since its inception, having endorsed its objective of opening an international music festival in Japan. Through our sponsorship of the Festival, we will continue to work toward the development of artistic and cultural activities.