Nurturing a culture of trust
Interview with an Outside Director


Born in 1953. Held numerous positions including: Manager of Construction Facility Unit, Mitsubishi Corporation; President & CEO of Mitsubishi Corporation Urban Development, Inc.; Operating Officer of ASATSU-DK INC. Assumed the office of Director of the Company in June 2016.

Q. Please tell us your impression of the Haseko Group and about the recent changes that are happening in the Board of Directors.

This is my fifth fiscal year in office since my appointment as Outside Director in June 2016.

What impressed me most when I became a part of the Company is that all employees have a full understanding of the Company’s business model and are working together in the same direction.
Company’s vision is shared among all divisions and Group companies, which allows communication to go smoothly and the organization to function in an organic way, and this is leading to the high quality of its businesses.

Turning to the state of the Board of Directors, we have recently been delegating authority to the Management Council. Consequently, the Board is having more substantial discussions on key growth strategy issues, so I think we are becoming more active and effective.

Topics of discussion included investment in overseas businesses, utilization of real estate holdings, restructuring of affiliated companies, establishment of the new Value, technology and innovation division, and more recently, acquisition of Hosoda Corporation, a well-established company in ready-built housing. We, as outside directors, also gave frank opinions in the discussions.

Q. How do you rate the new Medium-term Business Plan? How would you want to bring your insight and experience into the promotion of the plan?

The “HASEKO Next Stage Plan” is an ambitious plan that aims, in prospect of a shift in the condominium market, to readjust the existing business structure centered on for-sale condominiums by considering expanding the scope of target for construction and residential use, and setting the course towards complex development projects.

I appreciate the plan as a challenge towards achieving sustainable growth and an attempt to make a leap towards becoming a “corporate group for housing to create great living” in the long run.
The plan, however, covers a long period of five years and we may diverge from our direction and targets during the implementation of the plan. How we revise the plan and correct the course if that happens will be the key.

I once managed an income-generating property developer of the Mitsubishi Corporation Group and experienced various difficulties and mistakes in urban development projects there, so I am able to offer some effective advice on the complex development projects that the Company will be pursuing as part of the Medium-term Business Plan. I believe I can also draw on my network to assist in converting the real estate holdings into fund or REIT.

Q. What do you think about the Haseko Group’s CSR activities?

Firstly, I highly value the four CSR themes that form the concept of the Company’s CSR activities. Centering around “nurturing a culture of trust,” the Company’s environmental/social responsibility and contribution activities are clearly oriented towards “creating attractive living spaces,” “building a company worth working at,” and “protecting the precious environment.” These themes also have a good effect in conveying message to people both within and outside of the Company that it aims to grow as a company based on an enhanced relationship of trust.

Of the CSR activities of the Haseko Group, I am paying particular attention to “Haseko no Mori Project,” “Asuka Village Project,” and other ongoing initiatives that contribute to solving environmental and social problems, allow the involvement of employees, and trigger a lively communication with our stakeholders.

Going forward, I would like to see the Haseko Group’s unique CSR activities expand into other fields, such as responding to the increasingly devastating natural disasters and environmental changes caused by COVID-19 or contributing to target countries for investment of its overseas business, and thereby “create shared value (CSV)” that also leads to business growth.

Q. Please tell us what you expect of the Haseko Group in the future.

By providing a comfortable living space, the Haseko Group has been underpinning the infrastructure that are indispensable for people’s life.

The Group has also been contributing to the society at large through the development of “Haseko Business Model” under which it involves in gathering land information and proposing plans to project owners.

For these core businesses, I think that the Group should continue to expand its business domain in response to the needs of the society and further strengthen these primary sources of revenue.
While maintaining the revenue base, the Haseko Group must take on a challenge of getting new growth opportunities to carve out its own future.

I think that one of the key initiatives for the future is the expansion of overseas business. Taking advantage of the high reputation for Japanese style condominiums, the Group needs to further expand its development projects in North America and South East Asia, while implementing risk management. In doing this, building relationship with the local society through CSR activities would be an effective marketing approach.

I expect that the Group will be able to achieve further leap forward by ensuring that each and every employee has a viewpoint for social contribution through business and stays aware of the changes that are needed to build a better company.