Creating attractive living spaces
Enabling diverse lifestyles

We will keep providing housing to meet diverse needs of individuals, from children to the elderly, that change with lifestyles and from stage to stage in each person’s life.

Proposing a new way of living

Preparation of the “Practice of New Normal” design proposal

As one of the changes after the COVID-19 pandemic, changes in people’s thinking of housing can also be seen because they spend more time at home due to altered lifestyles and work styles (such as teleworking). Sohgoh Real Estate Co., Ltd. has proposed new lifestyles so far. In Renai Nishinomiya Koshien, it has worked to propose a floor plan that may allow each resident to find new “discoveries” and “pleasures,” adopting a floor plan called “aiMa” from the concept of “creating my very own space (Ma).”
Pursuing an abundance of living, we will continue to propose and disseminate new ways of living by leveraging the Group’s comprehensive strength.

Developed “Individual Home Delivery Box” using IoT

Haseko Corporation developed the Individual Home Delivery Box, a large-size delivery box linked to users’ smartphones or other devices that is installed in front of a door of an individual unit, in collaboration with Shibutani Co., Ltd. and AIPHONE CO., LTD.
As online shopping has expanded and the number of packages handled by courier services has rapidly increased, redelivery visits have become a social problem, leading to growing demand for delivery boxes to receive packages while residents are away. As the Individual Home Delivery Box is installed to each unit, it will free residents from issues such as having to carry a package from the entrance to their units or not enough storage capacity in existing mailboxes. This will contribute to fewer redelivery visits and reducing CO2 emissions from transportation. Furthermore, as the box enables noncontact delivery, it is expected to be useful also from the perspective of preventing the spread of COVID-19.
Going forward, the feature will be actively introduced to projects designed and constructed by Haseko Corporation.

Benefits of the Individual Home Delivery Box
1.Increased convenience
- Residents can check images of visitors using their smartphones from outside the home, speak with them, and unlock their Individual Home Delivery Box
- Residents can receive delivery when occupied with housework such as cooking and cleaning or caring for a child
2.Enhanced security
- Delivery of packages into the box requires a call on the unit door intercom, allowing residents to confirm/record visitors for preventing theft
3.Larger capacity (boasting top-notch storage capacity among delivery box systems; approx. 630 liters)
- Installed in front of the door of each unit
- Residents can receive multiple packages (golf bags, returnable supermarket crates, dry cleaning clothes, etc.)
* Capacity and delivery services available vary by property.

Individual Home Delivery Box

Meeting new needs

Part four of the LIVWIZ series, the mansion to live with your favorite

Haseko Real Estate Development, Inc. has designed and developed “TRACK,” a new rental mansion brand for music and video creators, as part four of its LIVWIZ series. The property of TRACK satisfies creators’ real needs and tastes, adopting special specifications and facilities such as soundproofing and power sources for professional equipment. We will continue to offer mansions that meet various kinds of people’s favorite.

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WORVE hybrid condominiums for “Work” and “Live”

Haseko Real Estate Development, Inc. has created the WORVE hybrid rental condominiums with “Work” and “Live.” It is fully equipped with shared working spaces (open space and private rooms available) that residents can utilize 24 hours a day and with each facility needed for focused or relaxed work. We were particular about designing each shared space, aiming to “switch between being focused and relaxed” and remove a “feeling of isolation,” which are big issues in working from home.

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Aiming to create innovation in housing and living

As a central DX promotion and support body of Haseko Group, HASEKO ANESIS CORPORATION, which is the Value, technology and innovation division, is promoting business reform of the Group by aggressively utilizing cutting-edge digital technologies such as ICT and IoT and marketing approaches.
The FIT Department under this division has been engaged in innovation creation activities, aiming to create new value in customers’ housing and living.
Since launching activities in October 2018, the department has been verifying and developing various new services involving living and released the four services below, with an eye on society five and ten years from now where various needs to be addressed will increasingly diversify.

To provide new value to customers, we will take on the challenge of creating innovation in housing and living in response to various needs, including developing additional features for existing services.

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“Condominium Fit”

This is a service for customers who are intending to purchase a newly built condominium at the initial stages of searching and considering candidate properties. AI will search and recommend properties for sale tailored to each customer after they add the service as a friend on LINE and answer five simple questions including about the makeup of their family. Customers can make a reservation right away to visit a model room without an attendant and consult a housing advisor. This is the new, easy way of searching for a home at your own pace (patent and registered trademark application pending).

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This is a communication service mainly for individual owners who own and invest in rental apartments that entrust management to Haseko Livenet, Inc. Communication between management companies and owners, which was conventionally by phone, fax, or postal mail, can be completed on the website. This service provides constant support to owners whenever they need information and helps facilitate their property management (registered trademark application pending).


This is a service for condominium management associations which have issues regarding operating the management board and the burden of taking turns as board members. In this service, in addition to conventional entrusted management operations, a system is adopted whereby the management company takes charge of former duties of the management board (abolishing the management board) and the management company takes care of the operation of the management association. Furthermore, a web tool allowing unit owners to mutually exchange opinions will be made available, supporting management associations that aim to increase added value of the property while achieving better consensus-building in the condominium community (patent and registered trademark application pending).

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“U’s+ (U’s plus)”: Reflecting the voices of our customers in product development

“U’s+ (U’s plus)” is our own specifications cation jointly developed by Haseko Urbest Inc., a member of the Haseko Group engaged in the sales of condominiums, and Haseko Corporation. It is the materialization of “it would be nice if there was…” from the residents’ point of view, as a result of the efforts led by the female staff at Haseko Urbest, who have been listening attentively to the diverse needs of our customers.
We had been providing various items under the “U’s style” brand. To stay in step with the changing social environment, such as the recent surge in condominium sales prices and consequent shrinking of unit space areas, we have further deepened the initial concept and reinvented/upgraded the brand as “U’s+ (U’s plus)” to offer products that meet the needs of the customers. We will bring items that emphasize the idea of “live comfortably and beautifully” to our customers, and thereby accommodate diverse lifestyles and improve the amenity of their homes.

List of U’s+ (U’s plus) brand products

This table can be scrolled

Entrance Narrow shoe cabinet “Shoes Gallery”
Shoe box “Multi-shoe Box”
Lavatory Vanity “Dresser III,” “Styling Dresser”
Storage and other spaces Common storage “Fit Storage”
Multi-functional closet “My Style Cloak”
Indoor drying rack “Slim Hanger Rack”
Storage above washing machine “Smart Laundry”
Wooden soundproof door “Shut-through Door”

Below is an outline of one of the items.

Exclusively designed narrow shoe cabinet “Shoes Gallery”

Narrowing the depth of the cabinet allows more living space around it.
・High-quality design
Having a display alcove, highly in demand by customers, and designed to match the fittings, the cabinet adds a sense of high grade to the entrance area.
Equipped with at-a-glance display compartments and complete with space for small items and umbrellas, it boasts the same capacity as the conventional shoe cabinets.

*What is U’s style?
The “U” in U’s style stands for “User,” our customers, and “Urbest” in Haseko Urbest Inc., symbolizing that the proposal is precisely the fruit of collaboration between the customers and the company.