Creating attractive living spaces
Enabling diverse lifestyles

We will keep providing housing to meet diverse needs of individuals, from children to the elderly, that change with lifestyles and from stage to stage in each person’s life.

Utilizing condominium-related ICT and shifting open innovation initiatives into full swing

In order to realize safe, secure and comfortable housing and living, the Haseko Group has built the “HASEKO BIM & LIM Cloud,” an information platform that accumulates, on its proprietary cloud, Building Information Modeling (BIM) in designing and construction and Living Information Modeling (LIM) including information collected from sensors embedded in condominiums. Going forward, we will continue to promote open innovation by collaborating broadly with various manufacturers, venture companies, universities, and research institutes. We will also seek to develop “ICT condominiums,” which utilize both physical and nonphysical information.

Conceptual diagram of BIM & LIM Cloud

Feel I Residence: Our first “ICT condominium” born out of open innovation

Feel I Residence, a rental apartment building for students (72 units), the first ICT condominium of the Haseko Group owned by Haseko Real Estate Development, Inc., was completed in March 2020. The apartment building is equipped with full-scale cutting-edge ICT and systems. Digital data obtained through these systems are accumulated and analyzed as “living information” on the information platform (“BIM & LIM Cloud”) to be utilized for residents’ daily life, such as security system, information service, monitoring, disaster prevention, maintenance and repair, and eventually for prolonging the building’s life.

「Feel I Residence」外観
Exterior of Feel I Residence
Entrance equipped with face recognition system

“U’s+ (U’s plus)”: Reflecting the voices of our customers in product development

“U’s+ (U’s plus)” is our own specification jointly developed by Haseko Urbest Inc., a member of the Haseko Group engaged in the sales of condominiums, and Haseko Corporation. It is the materialization of “it would be nice if there was…” from the residents’ point of view, as a result of the efforts led by the female staff at Haseko Urbest, who have been listening attentively to the diverse needs of our customers.

We had been providing various items under the “U’s style” brand. To stay in step with the changing social environment, such as the recent surge in condominium sales prices and consequent shrinking of unit space areas, we have further deepened the initial concept and reinvented/upgraded the brand as “U’s+ (U’s plus)” to offer products that meet the needs of the customers. We will bring items that emphasize the idea of “live comfortably and beautifully” to our customers, and thereby accommodate diverse lifestyles and improve the amenity of their homes.

List of U’s+ (U’s plus) brand products

Entrance: Shoes Gallery, Multi-shoe Box
Lavatory: Dresser III, Styling Dresser
Storage and other spaces: Fit Storage, My Style Cloak, Slim Hanger Rack, Smart Laundry, Shut-through Door

Below is an outline of one of the items.

Exclusively designed narrow shoe cabinet “Shoes Gallery”

Narrowing the depth of the cabinet allows more living space around it.
・High-quality design
Having a display alcove, highly in demand by customers, and designed to match the fittings, the cabinet adds a sense of high grade to the entrance area.
Equipped with at-a-glance display compartments and complete with space for small items and umbrellas, it boasts the same capacity as the conventional shoe cabinets.

*What is U’s style?
The “U” in U’s style stands for “User,” our customers, and “Urbest” in Haseko Urbest Inc., symbolizing that the proposal is precisely the fruit of collaboration between the customers and the company.

Developed “Individual Home Delivery Box” using IoT

Haseko Corporation developed “Individual Home Delivery Box” in collaboration with Shibutani Co., Ltd. and AIPHONE CO., LTD. The box, together with the entrance system, can be linked to the users’ smartphones to offer greater convenience and enhanced security. It will be installed to all units of RENAI Yokohama Totsuka (total 439 units). The box will lead to fewer redelivery visits, which is now a social problem, and consequently contribute to reducing CO2 emissions from transportation.

“Individual Home Delivery Box”

“TOKYO KAMATA 4316,” the Haseko Group’s first ever private lodging business

In March 2020, Haseko Livenet, Inc. opened a dedicated apartment for private lodgings in Kamata, Ota Ward. It is the first private lodging business for the Haseko Group, and is a certified facility of the Ota District National Strategic Special Zone for Foreign Guest Boarding Facility Management Business. Drawing on our know-how gained from managing rental apartments, we set up five types of rooms and arranged each room to make the stay comfortable and enjoyable for the guests. Functions of the property allow it to be converted to normal rental apartment, which serves as a hedge against demand fluctuation risk.

Hotel-like type
Elegant modern type

"Haseko Daily Life Advisory Counter" for resolving matters of concern in housing and daily life

"La Vista Takarazuka" in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture is a newtown with an area of approx. 450,000 square meters and a total of 15 buildings developed by the Haseko Group from the 1970s to 2008.

Haseko Community, Inc., which has undertaken its management since the completion of construction (excluding one building), has established the "Haseko Daily Life Advisory Counter" to assist residents in living a convenient and comfortable life in condominiums.

The Counter helps residents resolve their problems and concerns related to housing and daily life, including condominium interior renovations and other various renovations, repairs, real estate distribution (brokerage) and nursing care.