Creating attractive living spaces

We will contribute toward improving the value of the region as a whole by supporting regional revitalization and the building of a prosperous community that includes local residents.

Promotion of Asuka Village projects

Asuka Village, which is located in the central part of Nara Prefecture, is also known as “the Spiritual Home of Japan” due to the fact that it is the birthplace of Japan's framework as a nation based on ritsuryo (i.e., legal codes of the Nara and Heian eras) and is home to historical relics of the Asuka era which blend into the surrounding natural environment. Haseko Corporation has been engaging in activities to support Asuka Village since 2015, including selling vegetables sourced from the Village in condominiums managed by the Haseko Group. In September 2017, we signed the “Framework Agreement on Private-Public Cooperation” with Asuka Village and the Asuka Village Regional Development Corporation with the aim of collaborating with each other in activities to preserve the history of the ancient capital of Asuka as well as industrial and regional revitalization projects for Asuka Village, and we promote these activities through multifaceted approaches. We will promote three projects based on the themes “Enjoying the charm of Asuka Village,” “Experiencing Asuka Village” and “Living in Asuka Village,” and thereby contribute toward activities to preserve the history of the ancient capital of Asuka as well as industrial and regional revitalization of Asuka Village.

“Historical and landscape conservation activities, and regional revitalization efforts in Asuka Village, Nara Prefecture” received an Award for Excellence at the Mécénat Awards 2023 sponsored by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts.
The Mécénat Awards recognize particularly outstanding certified activities in “This is MECENAT 2022”. In this fiscal year, six prizes were awarded in total, comprising one Grand Mécénat Award and five Awards for Excellence.

Mécénat Awards 2023 presentation ceremony

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Business to bring old traditional homes back to life as accommodation

While Asuka Village has many historical sites of the Asuka era including palaces and the entire village is required to be preserved as a historical landscape area, it has issues including declining population, a shortage in accommodation facilities and an increasing number of vacant homes. Haseko Corporation launched the Asuka Village Project Promotion Office to promote a business to help solve these issues.
In December 2020, we established HASEKO VILLAGE LIFE Inc., a new company engaging in the regional revitalization and accommodation operation businesses at Asuka Village, to promote the accommodation business mainly using renovated old traditional houses. In March 2022, we opened our first hotel, BRANCHERA VILLA ASUKA, an old traditional house hotel. We are planning several properties and promoting the business by utilizing expertise that the Haseko Group has accumulated in order to contribute to the revitalization of Asuka Village.
Also in December 2020, Asuka Village, Nara Women's University and the Haseko Group concluded a framework agreement on industry-government-academia cooperation for the purposes of regional revitalization, historical preservation activities, and creation and development of a vibrant regional society in Asuka Village to address its regional issues by drawing on “historical resources” (Asuka Village), “knowledge” (Nara Women's University) and “vitality” (the Haseko Group). The three parties are jointly promoting a project for making use of a 400-year-old home with a thatched roof.

Accommodation facility in a restored old traditional house, “BRANCHERA VILLA ASUKA”
Signing ceremony for the industry-government-academia comprehensive coordination agreement
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Corporate Furusato Nozei program in Asuka Village put to use

Haseko Corporation has donated taxes to Asuka Village since 2018 by utilizing the “corporate Furusato Nozei (hometown tax donation)” program.
In fiscal 2022, the taxes we donated were allocated to finance projects related to “the project for inscription on the World Heritage List” on which Asuka Village has been working, namely (1) Asuka Half Marathon project, (2) low-season tourist attraction campaign project, (3) wild animal control measure project, and (4) safety measures project.

Sponsorship of the Asuka Half Marathon

The Haseko Group is special sponsor of the Asuka Half Marathon.
On March 12, 2023, the second “Asuka Half Marathon” took place with 2,929 runners participating. In addition, 288 Haseko Group employees took part in the volunteer activities.
Asuka is an area aiming to be registered on the World Heritage List, and the marathon course passes through the historical assets of this world heritage site. The tough course woven with the rugged undulations of Asuka’s original landscape is another attractive element.

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“Haseko Asuka Village Community Farm”-Rental Farm for Condominium Residents

Haseko Community, Inc. has been operating “Haseko Asuka Village Community Farm,” a rental farm using unused farmland, since May 2018 as part of its effort to offer residents an opportunity to experience the scenery and agriculture of Asuka Village.
It serves as a venue for social gathering between child-rearing families and senior couples who have no experience in agriculture and residents of Asuka Village who are well versed in agriculture, contributing to increasing the nonresident population and related population.

Haseko Asuka Village Community Farm
Delivering potatoes to Asuka Nursery School

Donating harvested vegetables to cafeterias for children in need

The Asuka Village Regional Development Corporation, Haseko Community, Inc., and Haseko Corporation jointly donated vegetables harvested at Haseko Asuka Village Community Farm to cafeterias for children in need (kodomo shokudo) in Nara Prefecture in July and December 2022. The vegetables were used for meals at these cafeterias and also delivered to single parent families and neighboring children’s homes as activities drawing on the close-knit community. We will continue with social contribution through the donation of vegetables.

Harvesting vegetables
Packed and delivered vegetables

Promotion of Business Development in Local Areas

In the midst of a housing environment that is undergoing dramatic changes due to a variety of factors, we aim to become a “corporation group for housing to create great living” by leveraging our advanced design, construction, and engineering capabilities and by providing total production capabilities. In the real estate related businesses such as the condominium sales business and the rental properties development business, we are expanding our business areas throughout Japan, including Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokuriku, Tokai, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa, and are aggressively expanding into wider areas.
We will continue to provide safe, secure, and comfortable housing throughout Japan and contribute to regional revitalization through redevelopment and rebuilding projects.

Major condominiums in local areas

  • BRANCHERA Sapporo Soen (Hokkaido; completed in 2022)
  • BRANCHERA Sapporo Maruyama (Hokkaido; scheduled for completion in 2023)
  • BRANCHERA Sapporo East Kuyakusho-mae (Hokkaido; scheduled for completion in 2023)
  • BRANCHERA Iwaki Taira 1 chome (Fukushima; completed in 2019)
  • BRANCHERA Takasaki (Gunma; scheduled for completion in 2023)
  • The Fukui Tower Sky Residence (Fukui; scheduled for completion in 2024)
  • BRANCHERA Hiroshima (Hiroshima; completed in 2022)
  • BRANCHERA Okayama (Okayama; scheduled for completion in 2024)
  • BRANCHERA Dogohimata (Ehime; completed in 2022)
  • BRANCHERA Takamatsu Nishinomaru Tower The Residence (Kagawa; scheduled for completion in 2024)
  • BRANCHERA Akasaka Hanamizuki Street (Fukuoka; completed in 2020)
  • MJR Oita BRANCHERA (Oita; scheduled for completion in 2023)
  • BRANCHERA Kumamoto Chuo (Kumamoto; completed in 2022)
  • BRANCHERA Jingunomori (Miyazaki; completed in 2021)
  • BRANCHERA Kirishima (Miyazaki; completed in 2022)
  • BRANCHERA DELIGHT Terukuni (Kagoshima; scheduled for completion in 2023)
  • BRANCHERA DELIGHT Nagasaki Yorozuyamachi (Nagasaki; scheduled for completion in 2023)
  • BRANCHERA Naha Akebono Premist (Okinawa; completed in 2022)
  • BRANCHERA Kagoshima (Kagoshima; scheduled for completion in 2024)
  • Residential Hara BRANCHERA (Fukuoka; scheduled for completion in 2023)
  • MJR CHIHAYA MID SQUARE (Fukuoka; scheduled for completion in 2025)

Proposing a new way of living

Co-Creative Residence “ComRezi Akabane”

The Haseko Group constructed “ComRezi Akabane,” a co-creative residence consisting of a “student dormitory,” a “shared corporate dormitory,” and “rental condominiums.”
This property provides an opportunity for dormitory students, company employees, and tenants of rental condominiums to create a community together so that they can feel the importance and attractiveness of human connections through encounters and discoveries, which will lead to their growth.
As a “corporate group for housing to create great living,” the Haseko Group will continue to take on the challenge of building and providing new housing complexes focusing on future urban living from service and hardware aspects to support the affluent lifestyles of residents.

Co-creative residence “ComRezi Akabane” won the 2022 Good Design Award.
The project was praised for presenting a broader range of possibilities for living from a new perspective of multi-generational interaction, amidst changes in people’s lifestyles along with the times.

Regional revitalization (area management) initiatives

In 2020, Haseko Corporation signed a project contract on the “Municipal Sakura-no-Miya Housing Complex Reconstruction (Phase 2)” as a representative corporation, and in the wake of this, it has engaged in activities for local revitalization and area management around Kobe City’s Kita Suzurandai district.
We participate in and assume the responsibility of secretariat for the “Kitasuzu〇(maru)〇(maru),” an area platform which consists of local resident group and activity group, local university, railway operator, regional commercial business, residential property company, botanical garden, and hospital.
We mainly implement to formulate the “Kita Suzu Tsuzuku Vision” outlining the direction for the district’s community development, to create multi-generational interaction opportunities and a lively atmosphere by utilizing local parks, to publish the “Kita Suzu Tsuzuku Newsletter” to disseminate the information of local shops, attractiveness and activity, and to study management system of public space by local community.

Kitayama Park opening event
Kitayama Park opening event
Kita Suzu Yuru-yuru Sports Meet
Kita Suzu Yuru-yuru Sports Meet
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Housing and Community Foundation: Clarifying social issues in housing
and contributing toward improvements

The Housing and Community Foundation (chaired by Ikuo Oguri [Executive Advisor to Haseko Corporation]) is a general foundational juridical person established by Haseko Corporation in July 1992, with the objective of contributing to the creation of a prosperous living environment. In order to create a high-quality living environment and a local community full of vitality that transcends generations, we believe that building homes and communities on the initiative of the citizens are crucial, and we make it our social mission to support such activities.

Grant funding projects
To support NPOs and civic activities in the elds of housing, town planning, and community building, we provide aid by funding activities through public offerings. Since starting this initiative in 1993, grant recipients have risen to a total of 462 organizations thus far. Rigorous selection of these recipients is conducted by the Screening Committee for Housing and Community Development Activity Grants, consisting of members including young researchers and NPO activists. In fiscal 2022, 22 recipients were selected from among 123 applicants for the grants.

Network operations
Through opportunities such as the Housing and Community-Building NPO networking events, we are creating networks to promote activities for housing and community-building. Events were held twice in fiscal 2022 for grant recipients from the previous year to gather and give presentations on the results of their prospective activities, and for participants to enjoy the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences regarding their activities through exchange and discussions.

Research and study
We conduct surveys around themes including NPO and civic activities; cooperation, collaboration, and exchange; regional community and daily-life environment; and enhancement of residential areas. Utilizing results of grant activities, we study actual conditions and the ideal image of new housing and community building activities. We are considering the direction for issues concerning aged condominiums and the feasibility of renewal such as with a joint survey by Tokyo Metropolitan University and HASEKO RESEARCH INSTITUTE since fiscal 2021 on the state of aged condominiums by area and age, and the direction of their renewal.

Chair Oguri making remarks
Report published annually explaining activities of the grant recipient organizations
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“Mission Uchimizu (Water Sprinkling) at Condominiums”

Uchimizu is one of the practices stemming from ancient wisdom in Japan, which involves sprinkling water outside on the ground in order to cool down and prevent dirt and dust from rising into the air. Uchimizu also has the effect of lowering the temperature by utilizing the heat of vaporization.
Since 2008, Haseko Property Management Holdings Inc. has continued to hold the Mission Uchimizu, welcoming participants from all generations, as part of community development at condominiums where it is entrusted with condominium management and as an opportunity for raising awareness about global warming and ecology.
Although in fiscal 2020,2021 and 2022, we did not hold this event in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a cumulative total of 686,114 households participated in this event in 12 years. Going forward, we will continue to hold it as a regular annual event to contribute to revitalizing residential communities, which also serve a purpose during disasters.