Creating attractive living spaces

We will contribute toward improving the value of the region as a whole by supporting the building of a prosperous community that not only consists of condominium residents and service users but also includes local residents.

"Mission Uchimizu (Water Sprinkling) at Condominiums 2019"

Uchimizu is one of the practices stemming from ancient wisdom in Japan, which involves sprinkling water outside on the ground in order to cool down and prevent dirt and dust from rising into the air. Uchimizu also has the effect of lowering the temperature by utilizing the heat of vaporization.

Since 2008, Haseko Property Management Holdings Inc. has continued to hold the "Mission Uchimizu," welcoming participants from all generations, as part of community development at condominiums where it is entrusted with condominium management and as an initiative for residents to cool down in the summer heat around their homes.

In fiscal 2019, we held the 12th "Mission Uchimizu (Water Sprinkling) at Condominiums 2019" from July 23 to August 31, in which 1,044 condominium management associations of Haseko Community, Inc., Haseko Smile Community, Inc., Haseko Community Kyushu, Inc., and Sohgoh Housing Service Co., Ltd. as well as 87,848 households participated.

With a cumulative total of 686,114 participating households in 12 years, this has become an established annual event also for an increasing number of condominium management associations.

Initiatives of MACHINO-NE HAMA-COSHIEN (area management organization)

MACHINO-NE HAMA-COSHIEN is an organization consisting of Haseko Corporation and other private enterprises engaged in activities aimed at creating a highly livable town in collaboration with the Urban Renaissance Agency and old/new residents, in line with the rebuilding of the Hama Koshien danchi (apartment complex). The organization is working to develop communities that can proactively resolve issues in the region such as the aging population and the lack of connection among residents through the operation of community spaces, cafes, etc.


MACHINO-NE HAMA-COSHIEN won "AUHS Chairman's Award" in the Performance Award category of the Association of Urban Housing Sciences' Award in 2019

MACHINO-NE HAMA-COSHIEN, an area management organization in which Haseko Corporation participates, won the "AUHS Chairman's Award" in the Performance Award category of the Association of Urban Housing Sciences' Award in 2019.

Housing and Community Foundation: Clarifying social issues in housing and contributing toward improvements

The Housing and Community Foundation (chaired by Ikuo Oguri [Director & Executive Advisor to Haseko Corporation]) is a general foundational juridical person established by Haseko Corporation in July 1992, with the objective of contributing to the creation of a prosperous living environment. In order to create a high-quality living environment and a local community full of vitality that transcends generations, we believe that building homes and communities on the initiative of the citizens are crucial, and we make it our social mission to support such activities.

Grant funding projects
To support NPOs and civic activities in the fields of housing, town planning, and community building, we provide aid by funding activities through public offerings. Since starting this initiative in 1993, grant recipients have risen to a total of 399 organizations thus far. Rigorous selection of these recipients is conducted by the Screening Committee for Housing and Community Development Activity Grants, consisting of members including young researchers and NPO activists. In fiscal 2019, 21 recipients were selected from among 154 applicants for the grants.

Network operations
Through opportunities such as the Housing and Community-Building NPO networking events, we are creating networks to promote activities for housing and community-building. Events were held three times in fiscal 2019 for grant recipients from the previous year to gather and give presentations on the results of their prospective activities, and for participants to enjoy the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences regarding their activities through exchange and discussions.

Research and study
We conduct surveys around themes including NPO and civic activities; cooperation, collaboration, and exchange; regional community and daily-life environment; and enhancement of residential areas. Utilizing results of grant activities, we study actual conditions and the ideal image of new housing and community building activities. We are considering the direction for issues concerning aged condominiums and the feasibility of renewal such as with a joint survey by Tokyo Metropolitan University and HASEKO RESEARCH INSTITUTE since July 2019 on the state of aged condominiums by area and age, and the direction of their renewal.

Chair Oguri making remarks
Report published annually explaining
activities of the grant recipient organizations

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