Creating attractive living spaces
Safety, security and comfort

We are committed to constructing residences where residents can feel safe. As part of this commitment, we will pursue high quality and comfort and thoroughly implement measures against crime and natural disasters, such as earthquakes.

Quality Policy

Haseko Corporation's Quality Policy

Providing quality that meets customers' expectations

  1. The Company shall comply with laws and regulationmeet s, ISO9001:2015 requirements and make ongoing improvements to its quality management system.
  2. The Company shall widely notify all its officers and employees as well as all people working with Haseko of its quality policy, and request its partner companies to widely notify those within their companies and for their cooperation.
  3. The Company's relevant departments shall set and implement "quality goals" to fulfill the quality policy.
  4. The Company shall periodically review its quality policy and quality goals to maintain their appropriateness and support management strategies.
  5. The Company shall make its quality policy public.

Quality management system

Framework to promote quality management system at Haseko Corporation

※Quality Management System

Background to obtaining ISO9001 certification

Haseko Corporation obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification in Tokyo and Kansai regions in March 1997 and July 1997, respectively. In March 2018, we integrated the quality management systems in Tokyo and Kansai regions and have since been operating the integrated system.

Going forward, we will continue to engage in quality management activities.

Initiatives and ongoing improvement

Upon conducting quality management activities, we formulate a quality policy, in response to which each division sets quality goals and numerical targets and carries out the activities accordingly. The quality management system is checked by internal audit and external examination as to whether or not it complies with Haseko’s determinations including specification requirements, and whether or not it is implemented and maintained properly. Based on the results, the quality management system is reviewed and improved on an ongoing basis.

The days on which external examination was conducted and the number of matters pointed out in fiscal 2019 were as follows.

Date of registration/renewal Date of external examination Number of matters pointed out by the external examination
Haseko Corporation Mar. 31, 1997
Mar. 31, 2018
Feb. 18-19, 2020 None
Haseko Reform, Inc. Jul. 15, 2010
Apr. 16, 2020
Feb. 25-28, 2020
Mar. 2, 2020
FUJIKENSETSU Co., Ltd. Nov. 15, 2000
June 1, 2019
Oct. 9, 2019 None

Construction of “resilient”
condominiums considering the prevention and reduction of disaster

As Japan continues to be hit by large-scale typhoons and earthquakes, the call is growing for disaster-resilient housing.

This section traces Haseko Group’s measures against disaster through the years and highlights the activities of Disaster Resilient Technology Working Group aimed at promoting the “construction of disaster-resilient condominiums.”

Construction of “resilient” condominiums considering the prevention and reduction of disaster

Creation of New Values by Means of Condominium Renewals

It is said there are approximately 1,040,000 aged condominiums constructed under the former earthquake resistance standards (those of 1981 or before). Lack of aseismic capacity, aging buildings and facilities, aging residents as well as the question of how to renew condominiums have become social issues. The Haseko Group has established a framework to provide one-stop support for a variety of phases (including grasping of actual conditions through the evaluation of aseismic capacity, building diagnosis, and/or equipment diagnosis, deliberation of policies for rebuilding or life elongation considering the results of said evaluation and/or diagnosis, building of consensus between residents, design, and construction work) to cope with condominium renewals. The Group will create new values by coping with condominium renewals, making the most of its experiences in condominium construction, thereby contributing to the resolution of social issues.

The total number of condominiums repaired/renovated: 640,000
The total number of condominium buildings rebuilt: 37 (as of the end of September 2020; completed constructions)

Haseko Group's rebuilding history
(Examples of rebuilding works completed since fiscal 2012)

"BRANCHERA Hakusan" exterior

<Tokyo Metropolitan Area>

  • LIVIO Musashino Nakacho (Musashino City, Tokyo)
  • FOREST Minamimachida (Machida City, Tokyo)
  • OBER Ofuna Marks Court (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • BRANCHERA Ichikawa Gyotoku (Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture)
  • OBER Grandio Kichijoji I (Mitaka City, Tokyo)
  • CITY HOUSE Kawasaki Fujimikoen (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Air Hills Fujisawa (Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • BRANCHERA Hakusan (Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo)
  • PREMIST Kitaurawa Bright Fort (Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture)

<Kinki region>

  • GRAND MAISON Senri Chuo Higashigaoka (Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
  • ATLAS Senriyamahoshigaoka (Suita City, Osaka Prefecture)
  • BRANCHERA Senbayashi Omiya (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
  • BRANCHERA Yamamotochominami (Yao City, Osaka Prefecture)
  • SIMFONIA Shinsenriminami Gardens (Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
  • BRANCHERA Ikeda Ishizumi (Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture)
  • CITY TERRACE Senri Momoyamadai (Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture)

Renovation of Entire Building “Lieto Garden Mitaka”

“Lieto Garden Mitaka” is a large-scale renovation complex development carried out by JR East Urban Development Corporation. The property has a ground area of approximately 7,200 m2. This was the case where JR East’s 40+ year-old former company-owned apartment and dormitory buildings were entirely renovated. HASEKO REFORM was in charge of the exteriors, residential interiors, and communal facilities of two buildings, namely “Shared-type rental housing ” and “Rental housing for families .”

For Share Place Mitaka, HASEKO REFORM renovated the building as a large 112-room shared house with shared lounge, dining room, shared kitchen, theater room, relaxation area, etc. available as communal facilities while intentionally leaving the walls and beams as they were in the past and making the space have a cohesive atmosphere as a whole. In addition, with the aim to maintain or improve the asset value, HASEKO REFORM performed aseismic reinforcement work and modified the existing urethane waterproofing system to mechanically fixed sheet waterproofing system to improve the waterproofing performance of the building, thereby elongating the life of the building.

For R Lieto Mitaka, HASEKO REFORM utilized existing doors and flooring and adopted plans to allow families with small children to live in the residences with comfort, which include first floor residences equipped with the residents’ private garden and a design with a kitchen bar counter. In addition, HASEKO REFORM installed delivery boxes, newest-model modular baths, toilets, and vanity units, converted Japanese-style rooms directly connected to living rooms into Western-style rooms, and adopted other transformative designs, transforming the building into residences that correspond with changes in society.

HASEKO REFORM will continue to utilize its know-how as a member a corporate group for housing to create great living to create new values by means of condominium renewals.

Exterior view of Share Place Mitaka
Dining room (before the renovation)
Dining room (after the renovation)

Haseko's "renovation business"

Distribution of existing housing accounts for a lower percentage of the total housing distribution volume in Japan than in Western countries. The increase in vacant houses has become a social problem due to a mix of various factors, and one of its causes is the number of houses in stock exceeding the number of households due to the aging and shrinking population combined with the declining birth rate. Haseko Real Estate, Inc. is promoting the "renovation business," which involves purchasing a unit in a condominium subject to unit ownership and selling the unit again after renovating it. We will contribute toward the distribution of existing housing by increasing the asset value of homes through the business.

[Example of renovation] Life Hills Kamatori (renovation completed in 2018)

Before renovation
After renovation

"Haseko's Premium After-sales Service"
After-sales service for perpetual and comfortable residency

Haseko Corporation has treated after-sales service as an important quality of condominiums. In 2008, we thus introduced Haseko's Premium After-sales Service (PAS) to get a grasp of the status of condominiums more accurately and take optimal action in a speedy manner by listening to our customers' opinions directly. In fiscal 2019, PAS handled 12,928 cases in the Tokyo region and 1,787 cases in the Kansai region, totaling 14,715 cases.

Back in the day, the common procedure was to receive a call via a condominium management company. With the introduction of PAS, customers' opinions are communicated directly to Haseko (i.e., the builder), allowing first-class registered architects and other staff with expert knowledge of condominiums to respond and thereby facilitate technicians' actions.

PAS not only serves as a call center, but also provides support from all angles so that the home can be used for a longer period of time, including the extension of the after-sales service period, the enhancement of periodic services, and the distribution of "Maintenance Handbook for Housing" and "Tool Kit for Maintenance." Furthermore, comments received at the call center and results of periodic inspections by the inspection team are shared at feedback meetings attended by the design, construction, and technological promotion divisions as well as the management companies. They are also reflected in properties undergoing design and construction. We hope to contribute to the safe and secure living of residents by adopting PAS in more properties in the future.

Haseko Community Owl 24 Center:
Defending home safety and security around the clock, 365 days a year.

Haseko Community Owl 24 Center, a comprehensive monitoring center owned by Haseko Community, Inc., monitors alarms of condominiums 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of an emergency situation, the Center will receive an automatically-forwarded alarm or a telephone call from a resident, promptly get a grasp of the situation and dispatch security staff. The Center also serves as an out-of-hours point of contact by telephone.

長谷工コミュニティ アウル24センター

Quality Improvement by Using Resin as the Material for Drain Gate and Strainer

Drains which are mainly installed on apartment balconies to drain rainwater had drain gates made of cast iron. Rust and rust leachate from the drain gate would flow out of the gutter due to degradation over time and cause smudges.

Therefore, resin-made drain gates were developed and thus cast iron drain gates were replaced with those made of resin, resolving the rust problems. Meanwhile, the shape of the drain gate is made cylindrical, making the installment and replacement efficient. This product was jointly developed by Haseko Corporation and Kubota ChemiX. The companies also conducted tests to check the strength, discoloration, and rainwater drainage capacity, etc. and confirmed that there were no problems.