Creating attractive living spaces
Environmental consideration in daily life

We will proactively introduce facilities and equipment that minimize the environmental burden stemming from condominiums and contribute to the environment of cities as a whole.

Initiatives to promote ZEH in condominiums

The Haseko Group is working to reduce the burden on the environment stemming from condominiums through the promotion of ZEH (net-zero energy house), a building with zero net annual energy consumption.

Research and technological development toward the realization of ZEH in condominiums (ZEH-M)

Haseko Corporation, which specializes in condominiums, is working on ZEH-M with the aim of conserving energy and reducing CO2 emissions in condominiums. To this end, we are aiming to reduce energy consumption through (1) improved insulation, (2) introduction of high-performance equipment, and (3) energy creation.

Initiatives by the Haseko Group

(1)Improved insulation
  • Research and development for the introduction of high insulation specifications

    Haseko Technical Research Institute conducted a full-scale experiment to verify anti-condensation performance in a heated environment test lab using high-performance openings (combined sash of aluminum and resin + Low-E multilayered glass) combined with high-performance insulating material. Using the Housing Test Building within the research institute, measurements concerning energy conservation effects and thermal environment of a well-insulated residence were analyzed and data was collected.

Test piece for the thermal environment experiment
(2)Introduction of high-performance equipment
  • Adoption of the heat-pump floor heating with an air conditioner

    Joint project with CORONA CORPORATION led to the development and commercialization of the heat pump floor heating with an air conditioner. This product features coordinated control of the air conditioner and the hot water floor heating system using an outdoor heat pump unit, to offer both the speedy heating of an air conditioner and the comfort of a floor heating system. Being eco-friendly and energy-efficient, it meets the requirements of ZEH-M. We are therefore promoting its use in ZEH-M projects.

Coordinated control using a wireless remote control
  • Development of a geothermal radiant air conditioning system

    At the new research institute in Tama City, Tokyo, which was completed in 2018, we have installed a geothermal air conditioning system for the purpose of verifying CO2 reduction technology. As subterranean heat is constant throughout the year at approx. 17℃, being cool in summer and warm in winter, it is expected to become widespread as a source of renewable energy that will contribute to energy saving of air conditioning equipment. The geothermal heat pump that corresponds to the conventional air conditioner’s outdoor unit releases limited heat, is quiet and can be installed indoors, so the system has been set up in Haseko Technical Research Institute’s entrance, where equipment and devices in operation are exhibited. Of note, this system was introduced by obtaining funding of the “FY2017 Grant for Projects for Promotion of Local Consumption of Locally-generated Energy Utilizing Regional Characteristics (program to support renewable energy heat business operators)” of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

Geothermal radiant air conditioning system on display
(Entrance to the main building of the research institute)
(3)Energy creation
  • New energy management system

    Solar panels were installed on the rooftop of The Parkhouse Shin-Urayasu Marine Villa, designed and constructed by Haseko Corporation and managed by MITSUBISHI ESTATE RESIDENCE and Kintetsu Real Estate. The property is an all-electric facility, and its EcoCute system, which normally uses late-night electricity to heat water and keep it warm, was upgraded so that it can heat water during the day, creating a system that turns solar energy into hot water as a means of storing heat (energy). This enables all of the electricity generated through day-time solar power generation to be used up, eliminating the need for a storage battery. The property also features Japan’s first power supply system that combines bulk power reception with solar power generation, achieving “energy creation.”

CG image of The Parkhouse Shin Urayasu Marine Villa
Development of a ZEH-M specification review support tool

Since METI’s ZEH-M demonstration project was launched in 2018, the ZEH-M Review Working Group at Haseko has been working to develop a ZEH-M Oriented specification product menu. However, the process of examining the specifications and calculating the costs for the actual shape of buildings was time consuming and had been an issue.

Therefore, to enable designers to speedily calculate the building performance and costs that would meet the standards for adoption in the demonstration project from the planning and design stage, we developed a ZEH-M specification review support tool that helps designers to easily predict the building performance and costs, according to the product menu, with a high degree of accuracy. With this tool, we can quickly prepare ZEH proposals for buildings of various shapes. We will begin using this tool with the applications for the FY2020 ZEH-M demonstration project.

Examples of adoption in FY2019

Of the properties designed and constructed by Haseko Corporation in FY2019, two properties, RENAI Ageo and Laurel Court Akabane, were “ZEH-M Oriented” and one property, The Parkhouse Shin Urayasu Marine Villa, was “ZEH-M Ready.” This is the first “ZEH-M Ready” property designed and constructed by Haseko Corporation.

Definition of ZEH-M
The ZEH Roadmap Examination Committee for Condominiums established within METI defines ZEH-M by the number of floors as indicated below. ZEH for the residential building portion and ZEH for individual dwelling units are assessed individually and independently.

Winner of the Environment Minister’s Award and the Energy Conservation Grand Prize

The heat-pump floor heating with an air conditioner jointly developed with CORONA CORPORATION won the 2019 Environment Minister’s Award for Global Warming Prevention Activities (Technology Development and Product Commercialization Category) and the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Director General’s Award of the 2019 Energy Conservation Grand Prize.

Ceremony for the Environment Minister’s Award