Nurturing a culture of trust
Strengthening of collective capabilities of the Group

We are committed to combining the strength of our respective Group companies to promote our cross-organizational corporate activities.

Haseko Group Call Center

Haseko Group Call Center was established in 2016 with the aim to respond to a variety of inquiries from residents residing in properties managed by Haseko Community, etc. Since then, Haseko Group Call Center has addressed inquiries from five companies including BRANCHERA CLUB, a membership organization of the Haseko Group and HASEKO REFORM.

All the content of the phone calls are converted to text data and then stored in Salesforce, a customer relationship management database. Not only precisely communicating the content of requests from customers to the point of contact, we work hard to improve the quality of the response by updating our digitalized manuals in a timely manner in order to swiftly respond to a variety of inquiries.

Additionally, our respective Group companies analyze the content of the inquiries to provide services that meet customer needs. We will continually pursue to be the “Haseko’s helpdesk” which customers can trust and be committed to listening to voices of the customers to provide better services.


Haseko Group “BRANCHERA CLUB” is a free membership organization with the catch line “Make everyday life more fun and comfortable.” It was established eight years ago to enrich daily life and boasts more than 250,000 registered members. Not only do we provide a variety of information on the website, we conduct questionnaire surveys and implement other measures in collaboration with respective Haseko Group companies to improve interactive communications with customers.
In addition, we hold all kinds of registered-members-only events to entertain members of all ages.
We will strive to make customers “feel closer to Haseko” through the events, communications, etc., which we will utilize as opportunities to provide a variety of new services.

Rice planting experience
Online cooking event