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Creating pleasant workplaces

#Enabling the flourishing of diverse talent

Promoting "Workstyle Reform"

In order for each and every employee to play an active role by fully demonstrating his/her capabilities and skills, it is indispensable not only for employees to make efforts but also for a company to provide support to realize a pleasant workplace and improve productivity.

The Haseko Group has been promoting "MOSt (Move On Step) Activities," aimed at executing operational reforms, improving productivity, alleviating prolonged work, taking days off from work, etc. In addition, Group companies and divisions are pushing ahead with their own voluntary initiatives. Going forward, we will continue to proactively engage in initiatives, given that legislation related to workstyle reform was passed in July 2018.

#Enabling the flourishing of diverse talent#A safe and healthy working environment

Creative office in Value Creation Division

In the Value Creation Division, which aims to create and verify Haseko Group's future businesses, improve the competitiveness of its products and services, and raise labor productivity, the office space has been designated as a "creative office" as a base to create innovation, the first of its kind in the Haseko Group.

Its concept is "Road Trip/Traveling Office." Employees in the FIT Development Dept. in charge of promotion of innovation played a central role in conducting a series of studies and designing an office space aimed at enabling employees to walk around freely in the work area as if they are on a trip, take advantage of the communication that incidentally arises among them and thereby yield steady results.

In addition, we launched a self-managed organization called "Office Design Committee," which is engaged in such initiatives as aesthetic maintenance, promotion of communication, and greater disclosure/transparency of opinions and proposals for improvement of offices in an effort to maintain the creative office.

Café space at the center of the office: "Magnet Point" highlighting incidental communication
TED space: "Sketch Point" where employees can immediately sketch their ideas derived from communication
"Clean Day": All employees clean the office together once a month

Creative office in Value Creation Division

#Enabling the flourishing of diverse talent

Simultaneous closure of construction sites on Saturdays

The Japan Federation of Construction Contractors (JFCC) has established the “Headquarters for Promoting Two Days Off per Week” and formulated the “Action Plan to Realize Two Days Off per Week,” targeted at closing six or more construction sites every four weeks by the end of fiscal 2019 and eight construction sites every four weeks by the end of fiscal 2021. Haseko Corporation also started an initiative to close construction sites simultaneously on Saturdays in 2002 and has been working to close construction sites simultaneously five Saturdays per year since 2006. In fiscal 2018, we executed five days of simultaneous Saturday site closures and realized closures at 90.4% of sites in Tokyo and 82.4% of sites in the Kansai region (excluding allocating substitute days off). We will continue making efforts to resolve the issues in the construction industry.

#Enabling the flourishing of diverse talent#A safe and healthy working environment

"MOSt Activities" aimed at improving workplace environment on a Group-wide scale

Since fiscal 2005, the Haseko Group has been engaging in "MOSt Activities" with the objective of creating an operating environment in which employees can seek physical and mental fulfilment and demonstrate their capabilities. "MOSt" is the abbreviation of "Move On Step," reflecting our commitment to "steadily engaging in activities by taking one step at a time."

Operational reforms executed jointly by labor and management

As for "MOSt Activities," the "MOSt Committee" consisting of Haseko Group' officers and general managers of departments as well as the head of the committee of the Group's labor union oversees the activities. The MOSt Committee serves as the driving force for activities cutting across Group companies and divisions, and raises awareness of all officers and employees.

In actual activities, the MOSt Committee in each company/division selects division-specific agenda as a theme, and discusses and implements measures to resolve issues.

Activity results and goals

In fiscal 2018, we launched activities under the slogan "Let's work on improving operational efficiency and productivity and implementing tangible workstyle reform!!" In September 2018, we introduced a new work attendance system and made such matters as PC logs, the status of leave taken, and the number of working hours under an agreement stipulated in Article 36 of the Labor Standards Act visible, which has contributed to the appropriate management of working hours and the promotion of boss-subordinate communication.

In fiscal 2019, labor and management will again join forces to promote workstyle reform steadily while continuing to uphold the slogan. In addition to the existing "Group-wide 'leave work early' day "(twice a year), we will implement and promote a 'leave work early' day at the division level (around once a month, 12 times a year) to bring about a better operating environment at all companies in the Group.