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Philanthropic activities

#Promotion of philanthropic activities

Haseko Philanthropic Activity Commendation Scheme

The Haseko Group is striving to further invigorate philanthropic activities based on the view that employees' voluntary efforts in social activities will lead to a higher awareness of social issues, help create more value in business activities, and realize a sustainable society.

With the objective of raising the awareness of each employee and clarifying the assessment of philanthropic activities at individual and company levels,we operate the "Haseko Philanthropic Activity Commendation Scheme," under which employees and organizations that have engaged in particularly outstanding activities are commended and presented with a letter of appreciation. In fiscal 2018, a total of 1,401 persons took part in company-hosted CSR activities and individual volunteer activities, and three organizations engaged in philanthropic activities as part of corporate activities. Among them, six persons and two organizations were commended for engaging in activities in a particularly proactive manner.

Going forward, we will continue to operate the Scheme to further boost philanthropic activities in the Haseko Group.

Kansai region: Commendation of individual volunteer activities
Tokyo region: Commendation of individual volunteer activities