Protecting the precious environment
Water resources

Water is an essential resource for people's lives. In order to carefully use the limited water resource, the Company monitors its water usage and prevents pollution, striving to conserve water resources.

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Water Usage Trends

The Company's water usage is as follows.

Category Unit FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Water intake*1 Construction sites
Water intake thousand m3 386 333 349
Office activities
Water intake thousand m3 32 30 30
Total water usage thousand m3 418 363 379
Effluents*2 Construction sites
Effluents thousand m3 358 254 295
Office activities
Effluents thousand m3 30 29 28
Total effluents thousand m3 388 283 323

*1 Aggregated amount of water taken from public water
*2 Aggregated amount of water discharged to public water