Protecting the precious environment
Offices: CO2 reduction and energy-saving activities

#Cyclical resource use#Energy & CO2

Energy-saving activities conducted by all companies in the Group

Following the revised Act on Rationalizing Energy Use coming into effect in April 2010, the Haseko Group has been engaging in energy-saving activities at its offices by bringing together all companies in the Group.

Energy usage and CO2 emissions

In fiscal 2018, total energy usage slightly increased due to the increase in work volume and the expansion of operations. However, energy usage per square meter of floor space decreased as a result of energy-saving activities being promoted on an ongoing basis.

Energy usage (Total usage)
Energy usage (Usage/m2)
CO2 emissions

* Business establishments made available for business use other than for office purposes are not included.

#Cyclical resource use#Energy & CO2#Pollution prevention and the local environment

Initiatives at Shiba Head Office Building in Tokyo and Hiranomachi Building in Osaka

In addition to energy-saving activities, we are aggressively working on the effective utilization of paper resources, promotion of recycling of resources and the prevention of environmental pollution.

Effective utilization of paper resources (Reduction of copy paper usage)

In fiscal 2018, copy paper usage was 17.78 million sheets. Amid the increasing work volume, copy paper usage decreased 3.4% year-on-year by 630,000 sheets. Going forward, we will continue to promote double-sided copying, copying of two or more pages on one side of paper, use of reverse side of used paper, and reduction of conference materials in an effort to effectively utilize paper resources.

Trends in copy paper usage

Promotion of recycling of resources

In fiscal 2018, the green purchase rate of stationery was 93.9%, the highest in the past five years. The purchase rate has been maintained above the 90% level, which is the result of the widespread acceptance of the promotion of recycling of resources.

Trends in green purchase of stationery

Prevention of environmental pollution (Reduction of total waste disposal volume)

In fiscal 2018, the total waste disposal volume decreased 23.8% year-on-year to 37t. Going forward, we will continue making efforts to reduce the volume of waste by utilizing recycle boxes and separating waste in thoroughgoing manner.

Trends in total waste disposal volume