Creating attractive living spaces
Contributing to the solution of social issues in housing

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Housing and Community Foundation: Clarifying social issues in housing and contributing toward improvements

The Housing and Community Foundation, which is chaired by Ikuo Oguri, Representative Director & Chairman of Haseko Corporation, is a general foundational juridical person established by Haseko Corporation in July 1992, with the objective of contributing toward the creation of a rich living environment. In the belief that to build a quality living environment for many generations to come in a vibrant local community, it is essential for citizens to voluntarily participate in creating communities and housing, the Foundation not only awards grants to NPOs and citizens' activity groups in the fields of housing and urban development for financing their activities, but also builds networks with the activity groups as well as their supporting/affiliated organizations and conducts surveys, research, etc. in such fields. A total of 399 groups have been entitled to the grants since the commencement of grant funding in 1993, and they are decided through stringent screening by the Screening Committee for Housing and Community Development Activity Grants consisting of members including young scholars and an NPO activist. In fiscal 2019, 21 out 154 applications were selected for grant funding. Furthermore, the Foundation holds a presentation and networking event three times a year and an annual seminar to revitalize housing-related grant funding projects. The Foundation aims to clarify housing issues in society and contribute to the solution of such issues.