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Development of an app for preventive exercise for seniors using a communication robot

In housing for the elderly operated by Haseko Senior Holdings, Co., Ltd., "Yu-Yu Taiso" has been performed with the aim of helping occupants move independently in everyday life and preventing them from becoming dependent on nursing care. To spread "Yu-Yu Taiso" widely, we have developed an application that gives exercise guidance by utilizing communication robot NAO in place of preventive exercise instructors and facility staff, in collaboration with Haseko Anesis Corporation and fubright-communications inc.

In this "NAO-version Yu-Yu Taiso," NAO has the function to explain the method and effectiveness of the exercise by using narration and screen images and present different topics of discussion every day before exercise, acting in place of a preventive exercise instructor. Utilization of NAO reduces the facility staff's burden and makes it possible to give exercise assistance to each and every participant. Results of a questionnaire survey conducted on the facility occupants have revealed that NAO increases the exercise participation rate and enables the occupants to perform body movements dynamically with good posture in response to its robot voice instructions, almost in the same manner as when a preventive exercise instructor demonstrated the exercise.

"NAO-version Yu-Yu Taiso" has been introduced at 23 elderly housing facilities nationwide operated by Seikatsu Kagaku Un-Ei, Co., Ltd. and Century Life, Co., Ltd., whose parent company is Haseko Senior Holdings, Co., Ltd. At these facilities, occupants and NAO exercising together is a daily sight.

NAO explains how to perform the exercise and gives voice instructions to the occupants.
Exercise being performed by NAO
* This is implemented independently by the Company by utilizing NAO from SoftBank Robotics Corp.
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"Haseko Daily Life Advisory Counter" for resolving matters of concern in housing and daily life

"La Vista Takarazuka" in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture is a newtown with an area of approx. 450,000 square meters and a total of 15 buildings developed by the Haseko Group from the 1970s to 2008.

Haseko Community, Inc., which has undertaken its management since the completion of construction (excluding one building), has established the "Haseko Daily Life Advisory Counter" to assist residents in living a convenient and comfortable life in condominiums.

The Counter helps residents resolve their problems and concerns related to housing and daily life, including condominium interior renovations and other various renovations, repairs, real estate distribution (brokerage) and nursing care.

Haseko Daily Life Advisory Counter
Haseko Daily Life Advisory Counter