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Biodiversity conservation activities

#Promotion of philanthropic activities

Haseko Group Code of Conduct on Biodiversity

Basic philosophy

The Haseko Group engages in corporate activities based on its Group Philosophy "To contribute to society by creating an optimal environment for cities and people." By engaging in biodiversity-conscious corporate activities based on the recognition that people and companies reap various benefits from the natural environment, we will endeavor to help conserve and improve biodiversity in pursuit of a more comfortable and sustainable global environment.

Action guidelines

  1. Compliance
    We will comply with laws and regulations, etc. related to biodiversity conservation, identify related policies and social demands and endeavor to reflect our knowledge of them in business activities.
  2. Education and enlightenment
    We will spread knowledge required for biodiversity conservation activities and information on laws and regulations, etc. through in-house education, etc. and raise employees’ awareness of the value of the ecosystem.
  3. Consideration in construction business
    We will implement biodiversity-conscious plans, designs and proposals, and endeavor to avert and reduce the impact of construction work.
  4. Research and development
    We will accumulate information and technological knowledge related to the ecosystem and promote related technological research and development.
  5. Collaboration with society
    We will endeavor to contribute to society through participation in regional environmental preservation activities and academic society/association activities.
#Promotion of philanthropic activities

Conservation Activities

The Haseko Group conducted the following biodiversity conservation activities.

Dates Region Description of activities Number of participants
Activities in fiscal 2019
Nov. 30 (Sat.) Kansai Kyosei no Mori tree-planting activities 86 (including 11 children)
Nov. 16 (Sat.) Tokyo TOKYO GREEN SHIP ACTION Kiyose Matsuyama Green Area preservation activities 58 (including 12 children)
Oct. 26 (Sat.) Tokai Fujimae-higata Cleaning Mission in Fall 44 (including 2 children)
Oct. 5 (Sat.) Tokyo Fifth “Haseko no Mori (Tateshina)” afforestation activities 82 (including 13 children)
Jun. 1 (Sat.) Kansai Second “Haseko no Mori (Shirahama)” afforestation activities 75 (including 6 children)
May. 25 (Sat.) Tokyo TOKYO GREEN SHIP ACTION Hachioji Takiyama satoyama preservation activities 56 (including 11 children)
May. 18 (Sat.) Tokai Fujimae-higata Cleaning Mission in Spring 50 (including 5 children)