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#Promotion of philanthropic activities

Promotion of Asuka Village projects

Asuka Village, which is located in the central part of Nara Prefecture, is also known as "the Spiritual Home of Japan" due to the fact that it is the birthplace of Japan's framework as a nation based on ritsuryo (i.e., legal codes of the Nara and Heian eras) and is home to historical relics of the Asuka era which blend into the surrounding natural environment. Haseko Corporation has been engaging in activities to support Asuka Village since 2015, including selling vegetables sourced from the Village in condominiums managed by the Haseko Group. In September 2017, we signed the "Framework Agreement on Private-Public Cooperation" with Asuka Village and the Asuka Village Regional Development Corporation with the aim of collaborating with each other in activities to preserve the history of the ancient capital of Asuka as well as industrial and regional revitalization projects for Asuka Village. We will promote three projects based on the themes "Enjoying the charm of Asuka Village," "Experiencing Asuka Village" and "Living in Asuka Village," and thereby contribute toward activities to preserve the history of the ancient capital of Asuka as well as industrial and regional revitalization of Asuka Village.

Giving publicity to Asuka Village in a public relations magazine

Tax donation to Asuka Village through Furusato Nozei ('hometown tax donation') program

We will donate tax annually to Asuka Village for three years from 2018 by utilizing the "corporate Furusato Nozei ('hometown tax donation')" program. Our FY2018 tax donation will be allocated to finance (i) the purchase of agricultural machinery and construction of agricultural machinery storage facilities and (ii) the kofun (ancient Japanese tombs) maintenance project, both of which are required for maintaining the scenery of farmland including Asuka Village's rice terraces of Inabuchi, which has been selected as one of the 100 best terraced rice paddies in Japan.

We will discuss the utilization method of our tax donations in fiscal 2019 and subsequent years with Asuka Village, including the invigoration of the tourism business on which the Settlement Promotion Project is premised.

Appointed to Asuka Suzaku Taishi ('Asuka Phoenix Ambassador') of Asuka Village

Haseko Corporation not only donates taxes to Asuka Village under the "corporate Furusato Nozei ('hometown tax donation')" program, but also proactively participates in its regional development by working on three basic projects for "enjoying the charm of," "experiencing," and "living in" Asuka Village, having entered into the Framework Agreement on Private-Public Cooperation with Asuka Village and the Asuka Village Regional Development Corporation. For these reasons, we have been appointed by Asuka Village to Asuka Suzaku Taishi ('Asuka Phoenix Ambassador'), a corporate ambassador who supports Asuka village. On November 3, 2018, a ceremony was held to hand over the letter of appointment in Asuka Village.

Appointed by mayor of Asuka Village

“Haseko Asuka Village Community Farm”-Rental Farm for Condominium Residents

HASEKO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT HOLDINGS INC. opened the rental farm “Haseko Asuka Village Community Farm” in May 2018 as part of its effort to offer residents an opportunity to experience the scenery and agriculture of Asuka Village. We have been promoting exchanges between the local community and the users of the farm.

Harvesting experience event