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#Promotion of philanthropic activities

RIKOCHALLENGE in summer of 2018

Haseko participates in RIKOCHALLENGE―an initiative co-hosted by the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation)―as a supporting organization. We held workplace tours targeted at female middle and high school students in the Tokyo and Kansai regions in July and August 2018, respectively. We set up a design course and a construction course, in which the number of participants totaled 41 including guardians (Tokyo and Kansai regions combined).

Design course
#Promotion of philanthropic activities

Award ceremony of "HASEKO Children’s Picture Competition for Future Housing Ideas"

We held our first picture competition targeting elementary school children, based on our passion to spur children’s rich imagination and watch them grow through their drawing experiences. For the competition theme "Future condominiums where everyone gathers and lives together," we received many ideas of future condominiums beyond our wildest dreams from all over the country. Ms. Maako Kido and Mr. Daisuke Naito were invited as guest judges, and in the award ceremony held on March 3, 18 children were presented with an award, 162 children were commended as runner-ups and four schools were given honorable recognition as a group for their respective pictures selected from among 1,787 entries.

Panel of judges

Children’s Picture Competition for Future Housing Ideas    Website

#Promotion of philanthropic activities

Award ceremony of 12th "Haseko Living Design Competition"

Haseko has been holding the "Haseko Living Design Competition" for students, with the aim of fostering young people who wish to work in the world of architecture. Amid various changes taking place in society, the 12th competition was based on the theme "Condominiums that change work styles," which attracted many proposals derived from freewheeling thinking unique to students. At the award ceremony held on February 16, 2019, one proposal was presented with first prize and three proposals with awards of excellence, and 10 proposals were commended as honorable pieces of work, selected from among a total of 740 registrations and 169 applications.

12th award ceremony held at Tokyo Prince Hotel on January 14, 2018

Haseko Living Design Competition    Website

#Promotion of philanthropic activities

Accepting company visits by junior high school students/high school students for learning

Since fiscal 2009, Haseko Corporation has been accepting company visits by students to give them the opportunity to think about their future occupational choices. In fiscal 2018, we accepted four schools in the Tokyo and Kansai regions, and taught students about the nature of Haseko’s businesses and the joy of condominium business through site inspection tours and workshops.

Site inspection tour in progress
Workshop in progress