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#Safety, security and comfort#Enabling diverse lifestyles#Environmental consideration in daily life

UGOCLO: Movable storage units adaptable to daily life


"UGOCLO" is a new flexible room layout system that allows residents to move two movable storage units placed back to back in parallel with each other and thus freely change the size of each room on the other side of the units as well as the storage space sandwiched between the two units.

As residents can easily change the size of the rooms and the storage space by him/herself, the system is adaptable to future changes in the number of family members as well as changes in the resident's lifestyle, and allows residents to flexibly change the layout depending on the furniture and the contents to be stored without having to perform any large-scale renovation.

"UGOCLO" being moved
"UGOCLO" being moved
#Safety, security and comfort#Enabling diverse lifestyles#Environmental consideration in daily life

"Siphon Drainage System": Drainage system for greater layout flexibility

The "Siphon Drainage System" was born as a result of joint development by Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Bridgestone Corporation and Haseko Corporation. This is a mechanism consisting of small-diameter drainage pipes that converge into a drainage standpipe (i.e., a drainage pipe that runs vertically through all floors of the building and is connected to the sewage system) at a lower floor level, which uses the resulting siphon action (i.e., pulling force generated as a result of water running down) to create a strong water flow to discharge water. Adoption of this technology in drainage such as in kitchen systems can give residents greater flexibility in terms of kitchen positioning and layout changes after moving in.

Siphon Drainage System

Expected benefits of "Siphon Drainage System"

Greater flexibility in terms of kitchen positioning

  1. Greater flexibility in terms of layout at the time of building new condominium
  2. Layout can be changed to suit changes in lifestyle
  3. Easy renovation for retention/improvement of asset value of building

"Siphon Drainage System" initiative that shows the ABC's of drainage

#Safety, security and comfort#Enabling diverse lifestyles#Environmental consideration in daily life

"Be-Next": Next-generation condominiums for ultimate comfort

Haseko Corporation has always been in pursuit of proposals for comfortable living. In "Be-Next," which was born in the course of such pursuit, we took advantage of the experience we had gained over the years and realized a simple skeleton while ensuring the basic performance of structures, facilities, etc. We demonstrated our creativity to prevent beams and columns from protruding inside the room, so that limited space can be used as effectively as possible.

In addition to having large windows to bring natural light inside and secure a wide field of view, we have adopted a passive design that also gives consideration to good ventilation.