Protecting the precious environment
Developing the lineup of ZEH Condominiums

#Energy & CO2

High-rise ZEH-M demonstration project adopted for grant funding

In the "ZEH-M Oriented" category of net Zero Energy House (ZEH) in the form of medium/high-rise condominiums with six or more stories, "RENAI Minamikashiwa Ekimae Project (tentative name)" has been adopted as a high-rise ZEH-M demonstration project entitled to grant funding. This project adopts features such as the heat-pump floor heating appliance with an air conditioner (an outdoor unit with a built-in heat pump combined with an air conditioner and floor heating), the direct floor insulation reinforcement method, and high-performance windows (aluminum-resin composite sash + Low-e double-glazed glass). Going forward, Haseko Corporation will continue to promote research and technological development to spread ZEH condominiums.

※ ZEH is the abbreviation of net Zero Energy House and refers to a house in which the energy generated annually (energy generation) is greater than the energy used annually (energy consumption), or the difference between the two is zero.

#Energy & CO2

Heat-pump floor heating with an air conditioner for ZEH-M

Haseko Corporation has commercialized heat-pump floor heating with an air conditioner for ZEH condominiums (ZEH-M) jointly with Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec Co., Ltd. and CORONA CORPORATION based on the collaboration of the three companies' technologies.

While heat pumps have long attracted a great deal of attention as a high -performance technology, they have been far from common in condominiums due to such factors as the installation conditions of outdoor units. To address this, we decided to work on commercializing a space-saving product that is ZEH compliant by leveraging the three companies' technologies and know-how. In fiscal 2018, a program to support ZEH condominiums will be launched, under which condominiums that meet its criteria will receive a certain amount of grant funding. Going forward, we will continue to work on developing and spreading energy-saving, environmentally-friendly products and services.

#Energy & CO2

Research and development for the introduction of high thermal insulation specifications

An experiment was conducted at Haseko Technical Research Institute to examine dew proofing performance and to check thermal insulation performance upon the parallel use of high-performance windows and high-performance insulation materials, which have been adopted for “RENAI Minamikashiwa Ekimae Project (tentative name).”
Prior to being adopted for an actual project, we created a test environment at the Housing Test Building, similar to the actual living environment, where a human body generates heat and moisture, and measured energy consumption.

When setting up a living room in the Housing Test Building, we examined construction works adopting not only the floor insulation reinforcement method but also high-performance windows and whole ceiling thermal insulation, so as to maintain our construction quality.

Examination of dew proofing and thermal insulation performance
Housing Test Building

Development of a geothermal radiant air conditioning system

The new Haseko Technical Research Institute, which was completed in 2018, has introduced a geothermal air conditioning system for the purpose of verifying CO2 reduction technology. As subterranean heat is constant throughout the year at approx. 17℃, being cool in summer and warm in winter, it is expected to become widespread as a source of renewable energy that will contribute to energy saving of air conditioning equipment. The geothermal heat pump that corresponds to the conventional air conditioner's outdoor unit releases limited heat, is quiet and can be installed indoors, so the system has been set up in Haseko Technical Research Institute's entrance, where equipment and devices in operation are exhibited. Of note, this system was introduced by obtaining funding of the "FY2017 Grant for Projects for Promotion of Local Consumption of Locally-generated Energy Utilizing Regional Characteristics (program to support renewable energy heat business operators)" of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).