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"Mission Uchimizu (Water Sprinkling) at Condominiums 2018"

Uchimizu is one of the practices stemming from ancient wisdom in Japan, which involves sprinkling water outside on the ground in order to cool down and prevent dirt and dust from rising into the air. Uchimizu also has the effect of lowering the temperature by utilizing the heat of vaporization.

Since 2008, Haseko Property Management Holdings Inc. has continued to hold the "Mission Uchimizu," welcoming participants from all generations, as part of community development at condominiums where it is entrusted with condominium management and as an initiative for residents to cool down in the summer heat around their homes.

In fiscal 2018, we held the 11th "Mission Uchimizu (Water Sprinkling) at Condominiums 2018" from July 23 to August 31, in which 1,002 condominium management associations of Haseko Community, Inc., Haseko Smile Community, Inc., Haseko Community Kyushu, Inc., and Sohgoh Housing Service Co., Ltd. as well as 80,449 households participated.

With a cumulative total of 598,266 participating households in 11 years, this has become an established annual event also for an increasing number of condominium management associations.

Mission Uchimizu (Water Sprinkling)
Mission Uchimizu (Water Sprinkling)
#Enabling diverse lifestyles#Community

Initiatives of MACHINO-NE HAMA-COSHIEN (area management organization)

MACHINO-NE HAMA-COSHIEN is an organization consisting of Haseko Corporation and other private enterprises engaged in activities aimed at creating a highly livable town in collaboration with the Urban Renaissance Agency and old/new residents, in line with the rebuilding of the Hama Koshien danchi (apartment complex). The organization is working to develop communities that can proactively resolve issues in the region such as the aging population and the lack of connection among residents through the operation of community spaces, cafes, etc.


MACHINO-NE HAMA-COSHIEN won "AUHS Chairman's Award" in the Performance Award category of the Association of Urban Housing Sciences' Award in 2019

MACHINO-NE HAMA-COSHIEN, an area management organization in which Haseko Corporation participates, won the "AUHS Chairman's Award" in the Performance Award category of the Association of Urban Housing Sciences' Award in 2019.


Community events

"Machibiraki Festival" held as a new place to meet others in a new town

In April 2018, when residents started moving into the newly-born town at Oji 5-chome, we held the "Machibiraki Festival" to introduce the new town to them and offer them a place for members of the local community and residents to meet each other. On the day of the event, approx. 2,000 people participated in the Festival; the specially-built stage featured a performance by a brass band club from a local junior high school, a talk session, and a participation-oriented event. Many workshops were held in the communal areas of "BRANSIESTA Oji" and "Century City Oji" as well as "WISDOM ACADEMY Oji School," where a wide range of participants from children to adults seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Going forward, the Haseko Group will continue supporting the development of highly livable towns with residents.

Opening event of The Gardens Tokyo Oji

On October 27, 2018, an opening event was held at The Gardens Tokyo Oji. The event included street performances, a Halloween photo session, a community festival street stall section, and a cooking class, which proved to be extremely popular and brought enjoyment to the residents as well.

Walking event "Oji Arukimedesu"

In "Oji 5-chome Project," we have been putting a great deal of effort into the revitalization of local communities as well, taking advantage of the fact that it involved the development of a large-scale complex. We held a walking event titled "Oji Arukimedesu" for residents to deepen their understanding of the region in November 2018. By encouraging residents who live in the same condominium to interact with each other and their neighbors, we will develop a highly livable environment, and in turn, help increase the condominium's asset value.