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Services supporting diverse work styles

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Interaction-oriented rental office business

Lately, the trend to review work style has been gaining momentum, leading to higher demand for rental offices and co-working spaces where people can work other than at companies. The Haseko Group leverages the know-how on community development it has gained from condominium management in its business, namely, the operation of interaction-oriented rental office "BISTATION", and offers services to support diverse work styles. Based on the concept "Connecting, learning about and sharing people and businesses," two offices are currently in operation as places that serve as business hubs and assist in community development, i.e., "BISTATION SHIMBASHI" and "BISTATION FUKUOKA TENJIN" operated by Haseko Community, Inc. and Haseko Community Kyushu, Inc., respectively.

Lounge/co-working space (BISTATION FUKUOKA TENJIN)